September 18, 2019




Anziano Steven Hopkins


Life is great. I'm constantly learning stuff and being put to the test. But hey, that's why I'm here! Somebody asked me once why I wanted to serve a mission and why haven't I gone home yet. Well I have always wanted to serve a mission and I was determined to do it. Nothing was going to change that. But then I got in the mission and it's a whole lot different then I had ever thought, and that's ok. But the reason I haven't gone home is because I'm seeing the person I'm becoming! I'm not just acting differently or temporarily changing my behavior but I'm truly growing, improving and becoming. So if you are just starting this great adventure just keep goin, you will see soon the effects! 
Anyway this week was good. We have been doing everything we can to find people to teach because we had basically 0 people to teach. But I know there are people out there, and a lot of them! It just takes the right attitude!!! My branch president gave a training at Branch Counsel about Alma 26. It was awesome and I know there are people. 
So this week we actually found some people! We were playing basketball with this guys kids and after we talked about how in the Rome temple families are sealed for eternity and last beyond death. I then teased him by saying, "I wanna learn to cook Italian food, but I don't know if your wife is a good cook..." he then stopped me and demanded for our phonr number and we set up a dinner appointment for tonight! We agreed that they bring the good Italian food and we bring a message about the family. So let's hope it goes well, and we can actually see them tonight! 
I also have to do a musical number in church with my companion this Sunday and he is "Learning" to play the piano and both "play" the guitar so I hope we will figure something out! 
Love you all!


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