August 28, 2019




Anziano Steven Hopkins

Week... idk

Hey guys! I hope everyone is enjoying life! This week as been just an awesome week! Just amazing experiences, and with a new perspective on the mission! 
So to follow up about last week, that experience was great and so this last week has been me doing everything I can to have that faith, and be the missionary I want to be. Or in other words, a missionary that has truly forgotten himself and gives every thought and every ounce of energy he has to the Lord by serving his children.  It's been an awesome, hard working week.
The best part about this week was definitely Saturday night. Our branch president Steve invited us to come to this activity in the mountains that would go late so we got permission to go. Surprisingly we have a good amount  of youth here! About 8 or 9 that came and they are all super cool! We drove up to this beautiful grass field in the mountains and played some soccer and then some mini golf and then more soccer! After it got dark we drove to the top of the mountain, found a nice patch of grass and laid underneath the stars with a the lights turned off. Steve told us all to be quiet and to lay there and wonder about all of these galaxies and worlds and how great and marvelous the works of God are. 
After that we turned on our lights and read Moses 1 in the pearl of great price where Moses speaks with God on a mountain, and he is shown all of God's creations. It was a great experience for me and all the youth and it reminded me about all of my similar experiences I had before the mission with all of the great leaders I have had. But as I was laying there, I looked over to the other mountains and i could only see a dark shadow of them, but I could see these clouds in between us and the other mountains and then the citys down below and I looked all over and I couldn't believe I was there. I couldn't believe that God has blessed me this much to be serving in Italy. See his beautiful and marvelous works, and experiencing it with these amazing pioneer members. Words were not able to Express my gratitude and love I felt for my Father in heaven. The main point of this was to explain to the youth to have an eternal prospective on things. We aren't just trapped in our literal world. And to help them understand that the works of God are without end, but he knows each and everyone one of us personally, and is constantly aware of us. 
While I was admiring all of the beautiful creations I was seeing, I was reminded that the works and creations of God are grand and marvelous, but his most precious ones are his children. I realized then that I really got to start serving his children holding nothing back! So that's what I did! We drew the plan of salvation on the street and we were staying to stop and talk to people about it for 4 hours! We gave away 4 pamphlets, one book of mormon and one number from a guy I'm pretty sure just wants to bible bash us! But I don't care, I'm not here for me, I'm here for them. They deserve it, they need it so I gotta make sure I give these people everything! 
God is real and is constantly thinking of his children. Every once and a while put your life on hold, tell yourself you will worry about your problems latter, and serve a child of God. Just forget yourself every once and a while. The Savior did it for his entire life! So let's try to follow alright and enjoy doing it! Love you guys!


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