February 27, 2019

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Reece Bawden

What a life

Man, this mission thing is pretty cool. It fly's by so fast it's crazy! And I haven't even been transferred yet! I heard when you get transferred for the first time it goes by a lot fast so we will see! Transfer calls are this Saturday so we will see!! 
Oh man this has been a little bit of a weird week! So this Sunday is stake conference so last Sunday, we wanted to be safe so I gave my leaving testimony and it was weird saying goodbye to everybody and it's just been so crazy! Like I have served my whole mission with these people. They remember when I was just a little greenie that thought he was some hot shot with Italian but actually could barely speak haha. And they have watched me grow like crazy in the past 6 months, to a hot shot that can kind of speak Italian haha! Man this ward has just been great. But there are lots of rumors that they are gonna close this ward so that would be sad! But you know, it's all good! 
This last Sunday we had lunch at the bishops house after church and it is literally always the best over there!!! They are a young Italian couple with 4 kids and there family is just sooooooooo cute!!! They just seem like they have life figured out. The mom and dad are super loving to each other and they raise there kids to be good righteous followers of Christ. And they do it with a lot of fun!!! Like I remember a while ago when we were going to the bishops house on Sunday and right before I told my comp that like of course I watched movies on Sunday and he kinda judged me and was like "I only watched holy movies" and then we walk into the bishops house and the kids with bishop are literally playing Halo 4 hahaha! Like legit people just focus on becoming more like Jesus instead of making up rules haha. Sorry, sometimes my Utah comps get to me haha! Anyway just a lovely family that I would like to have one day!
Alright so one thing that hit me yesterday is one of Christ's teaching in the New Testament when he tells us, "To partake of the bread of life". His apostles ask him, "but what is it or where can We find this bread of life?" He responds, "I am the bread of life, I came here not on my will, but the will of the one that sent me. The will of the Father". I just love Jesus!!!!!!!!! He is the perfect example! I love him so much! We must partake of the bread of life!! He wants us to come to him not for his will but for our Father's!..... Because our Father in heaven wants us to be as happy as possible!!!! There is a huge problem in the church where kids are being raised to Do the gospel. Like the Church, the gospel, the commandments, all of it is something you do. Soòooo soooooooo soòooo wrong. We need to LIVE the gospel. The gospel isn't something we pull out of our back pocket, blow off the dust and use it on Sundays just to shove it back right after. No. The gospel is our lives. Now live it. Satisfy that hunger in your soul and partake of the bread of life! Accept the Savior! Allow him to be in your life! I promise you there is no enduring joy outside the gospel! Now live it already! Live a life centered on Christ! Such a simple truth but the best advice I can give. 
Well next week I'll probably be transferred so we will see! Thank you everybody for the birthday notes it meant a lot!!!! Love you all Ciao ciao!!!


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