February 5, 2018


Ndola, Zambia


Elder Baptista

Week 4 in Ndola

Hey family!
Had another great week here in Ndola. We have lots of people we are working with that are really eating up our time. It has been hard to have to push back appointments and tell people we will see them another time because we are so busy. I thought that would never happen haha. This week we worked a lot and I was exhausted every night when we got back to the flat, so we would quickly eat something and then go right to bed.

Well I feel like I have been writing some really long emails lately so I have decided to prioritize the things I write about because I just don't have as much time to email these days due to the higher cost in the internet cafes.

So on Tuesday this week we had exchanges. I got to go with Elder Gregrey to work in Twapia which is one of their areas. We actually had a really good program that day. We never had a free moment going from appointment to appointment. Kawila is the first guy we taught and it was a way good lesson. This guy is very decieving at first glance because he has tatoos and small dreads but he was actually way cool! We taught him the beginning of the Restoration and he was so into it. We talked a lot about false vs. true Prophets and shared Matthew 7 with him. I am very excited to see his progression. After that we taught a guy named Charles about the Book of Mormon and he is way cool. Also funny haha he was wearying an OGIO shirt so I got to talk to him about that a little bit haha. Then we went and visited some less active members and got some new investigators. Our last appointment we taught a girl named Constance who is about ready to recieve a baptismal date. We went over the Book of Mormon with her again and she understood very well. It was a great day. Elder Gregrey has a really good knowledge of the scriptures so I was able to learn a lot from him.

Wednesday we started the morning teaching a new investigator named Juliet. Turns out the previous missionaries had already taught her a little because she knows about Joseph Smith and she has a Book of Mormon but she was very confused so we are starting from the beginning with her. She is very nice haha she fed us a lunch of samoosas, bread, and juice. Later we taught a guy named Clarence about the Book of Mormon. The only problem was he work at a roadside shop and was very busy so we were interupted several times. So we agreed to meet with him again at another time. Our last appointment we taught Wendy and her mother Febby. We finished the Restoration with them and told them that next time we come we would like to show them the short film about the First Vision so we are excited to do that soon.

Thursday we taught Kelvin again in the market. We finished the Restoration with him and at the end I committed him to being baptised. He gladly said that he wants to be baptized! We are very excited about his progression and hope to see him at church soon. After Kelvin we walked through a down pour of rain until we reached our investigator Moses's place. The rain was literally dropping buckets of water for an hour and a half so it made it very hard to communicate because almost every here has tin roofs which makes it very loud during storms. Anyway we were able to still have a lesson with Moses and he children by sitting very close and repeating a lot haha. We are excited about the progress Moses is showing. After that we went to teach Creseniah and Memory again. We went with the intent to give both of them a baptismal date sense we were teaching them the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but we felt they weren't quite ready. We hope to give them a date this week though. We ended the day by teaching Ronnie Phiri about Prophets from the Restoration pamphlet. He liked our lesson so much that he said he would finish reading the rest of the pamphlet after we leave because we have quote, "Energized and inspired him." He is also being taught by the Jehovah Witnesses but he said he is very open to learning from everyone so we are going to try to teach him as much as we can, as soon as we can haha.

Friday we went and taught Peter in the morning and went over the whole process for his upcoming baptism! We also told him that he would be interviewed shortly after baptism for recieving the Aaronic Priesthood. He liked the idea that he would soon be a very important member of the church. We ended up ordering food from a nearby resturant in the market and ate lunch with him and enjoyed visiting. Peter is a really great guy! We spent the rest of the day calling and meeting with new people just trying to find some new investigators that are serious.

Saturday we contacted a refferal from the other missionaries and began teaching a girl named Mimie. She is just a ball of energy! Haha we ended up teaching her for two hours because she had so many questions about everything we taught her. We didn't even make through a whole lesson. Her desires are in the right place and she really wants to learn but we just have to work on focusing her energy sometimes haha. She is way nice though and we are excited to continue teaching her. After that we went and visited several other investigators.

Sunday we kinda a downer at first. We were expecting to see at least eight of our investigators at church but not a single one showed. We even went to pick some of them up but no luck. However a member brought their Uncle with them to church so we did have one new investigator at church. His name is Patrick and he seems really cool. I had a thought to carry a Book of Mormon to church with me that day and so we were able to give that to him and talk a little bit about it. I also got to teach the Youth Sunday School class about the Plan of Salvation because the teachers didn't come, so that was neat. After church we met with Kelvin again and taught about the Book of Mormon. He accepted it really well and agreed to begin reading it and pray about it. After seeing him we went and made a new investigator at a house that we knocked a while back. We met and talked Eunice and applied the How to Begin Teaching strategy with her from Preach my Gospel and it was very rewarding. We just simply established expectations and she really opened up to us. She told us she is doubting the things being taught at her church right now and thinks that her pastor is preaching false doctorine. This was a huge blessing for us to contact her at that time because she shared a sincere desire to learn about the "true gospel" that we told her we have. We are very excited to begin teaching her. After that we taught Precious again about the Restoration pertaining to Jesus Christ's Church. After that we ended the day teaching Antony about the Plan of Salvation. I have to say that this was the first time on mission that I was stumped by an investigator. I won't share the whole story but to say the least he gave me some things to really think about and to research. So I spent five hours today (p-day) reading more about the Plan of Salvation and it was very rewarding. It was a good experience for Elder Baptista, Antony, and myself to really stretch ourselves and study to find answers. I can definitely say that I am becoming a better missionary everyday. The scriputres have so much power in them and I love reading from them every single day.

Well in closing things are good here in Ndola. I am getting along very well with my companion Elder Baptista (by the way, the "p" is silent in his name) and the other two missionaries in our flat, Elder Gregrey, and Elder Rowberry. We are eating well and the cockroach infestation is being treated daily by us. We and spraying insecticides and killing them with whatever we can get our hands on haha. Until next week. Sending love from Africa!

Haha didn't know they had hamsters here in Africa... I am learning something new everyday!

Elder Robins


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