August 12, 2019




Elder Dallin Richards

Week 92

We had a good week! It started off with a Zone Conference and that's always a treat. I especially enjoyed the testimonies of the missionaries who would be going home before the next Zone Conference, and I hope I can serve valiantly to the end the way they did. Strange to think that I will be one of the missionaries going home next transfer, and finally, after 16 Zone Conferences of listening to departing missionaries' final testimonies, I myself will be standing in front of everyone and doing the same.

We didn't teach anyone this week, and so we spent a whole lot of time on the streets looking for people to teach. We talked to a lot of people, and with that were rejected by a lot of people (haha), but it's all worth it to talk to the people who are interested in our message. One good thing that came out of our work (that we know of) is that a member of our church noticed us working hard when he walked through the park, and on Sunday at church, he thanked us for doing the hard work that no one forces us to do.

We got lunch with a member of our church who is about 26 years old and talked to him about serving a mission of his own. He talked about how he three times already had started doing the paperwork, gotten the inoculations, and been ready to serve a mission when something big came up and required him to stay at home. But he was still willing to give it another shot and said he'd consider it. The best part about this whole meeting was when--out of the blue--a man came up to us and asked for us to explain our church to him. I went ahead and stayed quiet, and our friend got a chance to be a missionary for a little bit! He explained everything well, shared his own personal feelings about the truthfulness of it, and even gave him a Book of Mormon. I know that it was a sign from God that our friend was supposed to give it another go and get himself on a mission!

So yeah, that's about it. Hope you all had a great week!


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