December 14, 2017


Madrid Spain MTC


Elder Nathaniel Decker

Week Five

Sooooo you guys will be upset because I still don’t have pictures of the soccer venues, but I DO have beautiful pictures of the temple taken by yours truly! So cut me some slack with the soccer pictures, ok?

“I should’ve been a photographer!” So, yeah, we get to see this beautiful view all the time because we live on temple square!

Again, not too much to report on this week. I’m just keeping on that grind, learning Russian, the gospel, and how to teach the gospel in the Russian language. Our “investigator” used to come to our lessons high but we finally got him to stop smoking трава so that’s a big step. Трава means grass, and it’s the word they use in Russian for weed. Lol.

So it still hasn’t gotten too cold here--the days range from 35 degrees in the morning to 55 in the afternoon. It’ll be quite the adjustment going from 55 to 0 in a few weeks--haha.

So if any of you reading this know others in the Spain MTC right now and have noticed that their emails have taken a nosedive in quality, that’s my fault. I had to enforce the “no drafts” rule a lot this week and explain that it’s a rule straight from President Monson. We can read our emails every day, but we only have 1 hour on p-day to write. So sorry if your son/daughter/cousin/boyfriend is giving you shorter emails.

Our district is getting better at Russian and are becoming more confident that they’ll eventually be able to have conversations with people in Ukraine. The whole MTC is in good spirits because all we do is sing Christmas hymns and do #lighttheworld activities and the MTC is decorated like crazy. Christmas will be awesome! Send me candy!

Last week we went to the Spanish Naval Museum and it was pretty awesome! I think I enjoyed it more than most because I’ve been raised to love ships. Haha--thanks, Dad! Today we’re going to La Plaza de Sol which is a massive city square in the middle of Madrid. With Christmas approaching, it should be festive.

So that’s all I’ve got for you this week. I hope you’re all enjoying the Christmas season and the opportunity to watch Star Wars. Don’t take it for granted. There are some who can’t watch it for two years. Lol! Merry Christmas!


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