March 27, 2017




Elder Garlick


Howdy y'all! This week was pretty sweet! I got to go on exchanges with the Zone leaders and I was with Elder Peck, he's the one with the glasses! He's an awesome missionary and we had a bomb time with each other! I was able to learn some sweet stuff from him and I'm super grateful for his example to me and Elder Garlick.

We helped out at the food bank again and we were able to set up a time to go and see Lalo, the head guy there that I've mentioned before, and he wants to have us over for dinner! He's said that he doesn't take every missionary to dinner, only the ones that he really likes, so I'm glad that I'm on that list haha!

These last few days have been super windy! Like 50 mph winds! It's crazy! The weather here is going to be pretty crazy the next couple months because of how dry of a winter we had here!

Elder Garlick was puking for like 2 days straight, so we didn't get to go out much. We went on a few mini exchanges with the Elders in our district; that way I wasn't sitting inside for 2 days straight. But I was inside for a while and I had a great study on Jesus the Christ, my mind was straight blown as I read about the various ways that Christ taught and how nothing he did went against the Mosaic law, even though the Pharisees and Sadducees accused him of doing so. There are a lot of things that the Savior did that we won't be fully able to understand, but I know that everything that He did was according to the will of Heavenly Father. Often times I think to myself what additional ways can I work on to align more fully with God's will? What can I improve on so that I can show Heavenly Father that I truly love Him? We're always looking for ways to improve, something to expand and better my heart and spirit. That's in our nature. Always trying to figure out how to progress. I think it's interesting that Heavenly Father wired our bodies like that, always wanting to improve, always trying to acquire those Christlike attributes. And the best part about it is that He is there with us the whole way as we strive to become better. He's there to pick us up when we fall, we just have to let Him do it!

That's all for this week everyone! Hopefully I'll have something more to report on this week! Love y'all!


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