December 5, 2016




Elder Despain

Transfer Week= whitewashing

Alrighty everyone the call came! Elder Despain and I are whitewashing into a different bike area in Lubbock!! It's crazy! I don't know what the Lord is doing with me and white washing into bike areas where there's nothing going on. I guess I haven't learned what I need to yet and hopefully the third time is the charm! My new address is 5202 Bangor Ave. Apt. C104 Lubbock, TX 79414

We got to volunteer at the Nativity this week for a few shifts and it was super fun! There were about 750 nativities there and there were a TON of people!

We got to go on top of the temple this week and it was great! Texas is so flat haha. It felt like we were at the highest point in Lubbock! It's been starting to cool down a little bit so that's been nice!

That's about it though. Nothing crazy has happened this last week! Here are some pics that I took though! I hope you all have a great week in G-Town!

Be sure to check out the new Christmas initiative that the church came out with in finding ways to serve others! We've been doing it and it's been a great way to feel the spirit more in my life! Here’s the link:

Love you all and stay safe!

Elder Bollwinkel


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