August 22, 2016


Abilene, Texas


Elder Hiner

Rainy Week

So the Lord blessed us with a ton of rain this week! It was great! This part of Texas really needed it!
So I got to go on exchanges with Elder Walker this week! He's a super fun kid and we met this crazy drunk guy when we were going to see an investigator! At first he seemed really hostile, but when we got talking with him we figured out that a lot of stuff has happened in his life. We shared the Restoration with him, even though he said he wasn't interested in all of that "stuff" (used with more colorful language). Anyhow we're going to go back by and see if we can help him at all.
We also met with our new investigator Jimmy! The sisters gave him to us and we were able to teach him the Restoration and we have a soft baptismal commitment with him! He wants to learn more about Thomas S. Monson and so we're going to be showing him a video about him next time we see him! We're stoked to be meeting with him!
We got to help Brother Robles start a little project in his backyard. We're helping him build a storage shed that he is going to convert to a guesthouse later on. We built the frame and the skids that it's going to be placed on so that was fun. He actually started talking to us about his neighbors and how he knows them and how he's talked to them about the gospel! So that's awesome! It seems like service is what is going to start working here in this area! Can't wait to see what fruits come of it!
We also got to go to the temple this week, which was so much fun! I'm so glad that we had this opportunity to go and just looking at the building filled me with the Spirit! While I was in the Celestial Room, I read a random scripture in Doctrine and Covenants. I opened up to D&C 24. In this section, the Lord is counseling Joseph and Oliver, helping them get through all of their trial and tribulations. I was really able to relate this to missionary life because we go through a lot of persecution, believe it or not haha. I felt a lot of peace and comfort as I read through this section. I would like to challenge everyone and anyone that is struggling to look through this and I hope and pray that ya'll will find the peace n comfort that I did. I love you all and can testify that the Lord will comfort us in everything that we do, as long as it's done in righteousness! Keep on keeping on!
Elder Bollwinkel


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