June 13, 2016


Amarillo Texas


Elder Parkin

Holy Stress

Holy Stress!
Man I don't know why but this week was so stressful! We didn't get a lot of proselyting time in this week so that was pretty frustrating.

So my foot is pretty messed up, had some infections and whatnot from walking around a ton and I've been in a bike area the last 6 months. So had to take some time to go see a foot doctor and of course nothing went smoothly, it's not supposed to is it??? I finally got everything sorted out I think but I'm going back in on Wednesday to for a check up on things. Pray for me that it goes well.

Elder Parkin sprained his ankle while we were helping a member move and so the next day he was out for the count. He couldn't put any weight on it so we were inside for most of the day. I deep cleaned our kitchen cause I had to be doing something productive! So it was nice to clean that apartment up and throw away a bunch of random stuff.

And the other day we were biking and Elder Parkin ran over a piece of glass and it slashed his tire open and his bike tube. So we had to walk home in the humid heat for 40 minutes back to the apartment. So that was a good time lol

There was a recent change in the missionary handbook saying that we can wear hats while proselyting. So here's a pic of me wearing one. It's not mine though it's a different elders haha.

The bright side of this week was that we got to go to the Temple on Saturday so that was so much fun! I've been needing to go to the temple for a while. Such a great stress reliever! I was the first one to be in the Celestial Room and I was in there for about 10 minutes all by myself and I really got the chance to unwind, relax and feel the Spirit at full force. It was something that I was looking forward to for a long time. And this is a picture of me taking a selfie with the Temple. Expect this to be on the next Ensign or New Era.

So we're working with this family to get them into missionary work and it's going great! They are completely active and everything, we're just looking for new ways to find people to teach! It's the Uehara family and mom you already know about them. The mom (Maggie) is always helping us find people to teach which is great! Juan, the son, is getting ready for a mission and he's going out with us to go and see people, which is great! Sister Uehara doesn't like the other Elders in the ward so she'll invite us over for dinner and not the others lol. But they are continuing to give us referrals, which is so nice!

In the end though, it was an overall good week, I got to spend time in the House of the Lord, which only happens like once every 6 weeks. This is the last week of the transfer, so we'll find out Saturday if Elder Parkin and I are staying together or not. The Lord is truly great. Trials are put in our path to help us recognize that we can't progress without opposition to some degree. Love you all; keep doing what you know is right!

Love Eder Bolwinkel


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