April 11, 2016


Amarillo Texas


Elder Pulsipher

It's what Christ would do.

So this week was great! We're staying super busy and I'm loving every minute of it! Elder Pulsipher and I are getting along super well, and we've even had members ask us if we've been together for a while haha.
We were able to meet up with a less active member, Pam, this week and she is awesome! She works at an apartment complex and she's the secretary for it. She conceals a 40 glock on her because she has to evict a lot of people and they get really mad at her haha. So whenever anyone wants to "go" she knows how to take care of the situation haha. But she watched parts of general conference, which was so great to hear! She might be moving to St. George for work though, she's going to do an interview this week so we'll see what happens!
So I got to meet some distant relatives this week! Her name is Brenda Funderburk; I don’t know what her maiden name is though. We're related through the Hatch side somehow through Uncle Norman. She had us over for dinner and it was great! She acts like a Hatch and it's really funny!
So this week was free chick-fil-a breakfast week and it was so divine! It has been 10 months since I have had chick fil and let me tell you it was delicious! We went almost every morning for free breakfast and it was so worth it! Then a member took us to Starbucks because she has a son that works there that makes a really good drink that doesn't have coffee in it. So here is my basic white girl pic with my starbucks drink lol

There is this wall in our area that is completely covered in graffiti and it looks pretty sweet! There is this part of it that has a cat holding a sign. What the sign says is really funny and true. It says, "If socialists understood economics, they wouldn't be socialists." I couldn't put it in more true words

We helped a family move this week! Thank goodness they are still in our ward haha. Too many people move in and out and our ward is getting small haha. The members are great though and I'm so grateful to be here!
I had the opportunity to watch the world report with some members and it was great to see all of the great things that the church is doing for all those in the world that stand in need of help. It's great to see the incredible temples that are being built and they remarkable accomplishments that the church is making. It satisfies me to know that we are members of a church that use our tithing and fast offerings to help local and international causes. It's what Christ would do and I'm glad that we do it as well. I love you all and continue to do what is right in the sight of the Lord!
Elder Bollwinkel


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