April 4, 2016


Amarillo Texas


Elder Pulsipher

But what better time to change than now?

Well this was a super awesome week! I got transferred up to Amarillo with Elder Pulsipher! He came out a transfer before me, so we're pretty close in serving time! He's the district leader for part of Amarillo so that's fun!
So I know how much everyone loves to write me so my new address is 2700 W. 16th Ave. #512 Amarillo, TX 79102. I accept cards, packages, love mail, fan mail, and hate mail for all of you haters out there in the world!

So we had dinner with one of the members, the Veharra's and they are the nicest people ever! The mom is crazy funny and outgoing, she reminds me a lot of mom back home haha. She does this really cool thing where she has a book that each missionary signs and she takes your picture and then you write down your address and email so that she can keep in touch with you after the mission! I'm excited to spend more time with her!
We are teaching a part member family and the dad isn't baptized. His name is Blake and he is hilarious. Recently, he discovered that he needs to repent and be baptized. He has been reading from the Book of Mormon and is keeping commitments. We are helping him to quit chewing, which is the only thing that is holding him back from being baptized. He offered to say the closing prayer and it was awesome!
Things about Amarillo:
I'm not in the hood anymore, but am I still a hood rat?
My area is one of the richest neighborhoods in Amarillo, still not used to it
Matthew McConaughey apparently has a house in Amarillo, so I'll be looking for a Lincoln driving around
People that are in the rich areas are really nice, which is usually the opposite, and it's still tripping me up haha
We get fed almost everyday by members, starting to pack on weight...again.
A black guy that was sitting on the corner of a street yelled us at. He had a microphone and was saying that we can't lean on to our own understanding and how Mormons are going to burn in hell. I thought it was funny. We tried giving him a card, but he wouldn't keep eye contact with us. We'll try him again sometime this week haha.
I'm so grateful for this General conference that we were able to have! In the priesthood session, President Uchtdorf asked a question that has stuck with me for the last couple days. He asked, "What legacy do you want to leave behind?" I thought about it in different perspectives. What legacy do you want to leave in the mission field? What legacy do you want to leave on your family? What legacy do you want to leave on your name? What legacy do you want to leave with God? We need to take a pause and evaluate our personal self worth and look back on the things that we've done and ask yourself is this what I want everyone to remember me by? There are things that I've done that I wish I could change. But what better time to change than now? I know that as we each try to change and show our commitment to follow our Heavenly Father, he will be there for us and will help us. I love you all and I'm grateful for support!
Love Elder B


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