March 21, 2016


Canyon Texas


Elder Elies

Busy Week

Man this week was awesome! We got to have interviews with our mission president, which was sweet because we only get them like once every three or four transfers! It’s always a fun time talking to your mission president and being able to be open with him about the things that you are struggling with. After interviews we went and did service for a member and we have been helping this guy a lot! We've cleared out like 3/4ths of his backyard, tilled the ground and we're turning it into a HUGE garden area. We're going up to Amarillo this week with him and there is a member there that is giving him a bunch of horse manure for the soil.... you’ll get more details on that later lol. But we had a BBQ with him and it was Micronesian BBQ that Elder Elies made! HE made the sauce from scratch and it was delicious!

So towards the end of this week wasn't the best... I ate some bad Thai food and was throwing up all day Friday and we had to cancel most of our appointments:( I hate being sick it's the worst thing ever. It only lasted for a day though so we got back to work on Saturday!

So we got to go and help Joe move some furniture this week, which was good! He's been telling us that he is moving back to Georgia soon, so that's sad. But he's always willing to talk to us about his struggles and we're always there for him! We were going to go to Palo Duro Canyon and goo mountain biking with him Monday morning, but he cancelled last minute:( I just want to go to the canyon before transfers get here!

Speaking of which: this is the last week of the transfer! It's crazy! I'm pretty scared for what's going to happen and a few missionaries have said that I might be getting transferred:( We'll find out this Saturday though.

Not a lot else happened! Sorry if this note was rushed! We have a busy day today! Love ya'll!
Elder B

Just catching up on the last 4 weeks.
Sister Bollwinkel:


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