February 15, 2016


Canyon Texas


Elder Elies

I admire Obedience

Ok this week was sweet! We got to teach a lot more people and talk to a lot more people as well, so it was super rewarding!

Before I start talking I got a funny story: So I'm in a bike area so we do A LOT of walking and biking. And that makes me eat more, thus enlarging my size. Well, on Sunday as I was tying my tie, I reached up to fold my shirt collar down and I heard a loud rip. I thought to myself, "Man, am I really getting that fat?" So needless to say, I
have a shirt that I get to burn at my year mark now lol.

So we got to teach Joe again this week! This guy is hilarious let me tell ya. We found out that the best way to teach him is with videos, so we're going to continue to try and do that! I'm going to get a picture of him for sure next week! Every time that we come over he's like, "Aw ya we're going to have a party!" Now say that with a Tennessean accent and it makes it hilarious!

We talked to a super cool guy on the street (We actually had a conversation with him, very rare in the Bible belt) while he was shining his rims and we got to talking about trucks and what not and he is actually looking for a small church where they don't play rock music and have security escorts haha. There are some huge churches in Amarillo that have giant rock concerts and screens and it's super weird haha. But he said that he wants to come try out our church and we're meeting with him on Saturday to talk a little bit more! Ok this week was sweet! We got to teach a lot more people and talk to lot more people as well, so it was super rewarding!

So we've been playing Basketball with the Elder's Quorum and they bring a bunch of their friends that aren't members and less actives. It's a sweet way to get to know people and we also get to play sports! There's a young father, Brandon Packard, who is the coolest guy I know. He's super nice and has actually trained for American Ninja Warrior! He has actually beat a lot of the people that are on the show, but he didn't make it on there because he didn't have a good enough story that would "please the people". But he jumps crazy high and he can do that warped wall thing with one hand! (He showed me a video, he's legit) But through him we were able to meet a lot of his co workers that are super nice and outgoing. None of them came to church, sadly, but they said that they would be back next week, so that exciting!

I've been working a lot on becoming exactly obedient and I found a scripture that has motivated me a ton! The Lord said, " No man, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God." As, missionaries, we have already put our "hands to the plow" and now all we have to do is keep pushing and not look back. I always think about John Tanner and all of the sacrifices that he made so that him and his family could partake of eternal life. He literally gave up his entire fortune just so that he could follow the prophet and feel Spirit often. I admire the obedience that he had and that's what I hope to achieve before I leave the mission.

I love you all and hope you all have a great week! Continue to do what is right in the sight of the Lord!

Elder Bollwinkel


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