November 16, 2015


Pampa Texas (South)


Elder Neilsen

I'm never setting foot in church again??

So this week was the last week of the transfer and thank goodness that Elder Nielsen and I are staying together! I thanked the Lord for a while on that one, because I had an impression that we were going to be split up, so I'm glad that didn't happen!

This week was awesome! I've talked about Melba quite a bit and I'm going to continue to do so because of how awesome Melba & Mark are! Melba came to church for the first time and she brought someone that I didn't think she would, SHE BROUGHT MARK! Now some of you don't understand, Mark told us he would never step foot in a church as long as he lives, but he was wearing nice clothes, he wasn't wearing a dew rag and his hair was combed over nice. It was humbling!! They stayed for all 3 hours and they enjoyed it. Melba has told us that she wants us to send her verses or chapters everyday for her to read. So we did that this week and about twenty minutes later, she would text us saying, that was a great chapter, thank you! And I'm sitting over here thinking, "You already read it?!" It's remarkable! I don’t think that I've seen someone as prepared as her! She told us she has adopted us as her kids, so she was so relieved when she found out we were staying together. People love the gospel – so they love us.

I had the wonderful opportunity to go on exchanges with Elder May, one of our Zone Leaders, because I traveled to Borger to do a baptismal interview! I got to do it for a man named Loy and he's this older man who reminded me a lot of grandpa! Elder May is a great example of a missionary and I'm glad I was able to be apart of that! I also did a Baptismal interview for one the Pampa Sisters investigators and it was great!

Elder Nielsen and I have so much fun together! We were out at Sister Garcia's working and were thinking of some fun pictures to take while cleaning . So we threw some tires on this old metal bar and made it look like we were squatting a lot of weight! It was hilarious! We also found this ‘one way’ sign and we came to the conclusion that there is only one way and that is the Lord's way! And that's what I would like to leave ya'll with, is that there is truly only one way to gain salvation and that is through the straight and narrow path that has been made for us by Jesus Christ. He has set the example for us and we need to follow His model and do as He did. I love you all and I can't wait to hear about the incredible things that happen in Gilbert!
Elder Bollwinkel

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