July 10, 2015


Provo MTC


Elder Lake

Love this place - ready for Texas!

Hey everyone this is my email from the first full week in the MTC!! This place is incredible and I've started to warm up to the food here haha. Too bad I leave for Texas on Monday! The MTC has taught me so much and I know that it will be a huge benefit for me when I get out in the field. I was able to participate in the MTC choir and it was such an fantastic experience! For teaching practice, Elder Lake (my companion) and I were able to teach pseudo investigators and it felt so real! It was really nerve-racking and the first couple times we taught him it was a train wreck from the beginning. But as my teachers help guide me and as I gain more experience and learn to put all of my faith and trust towards Christ, we were able to be lead by the Spirit and we helped our investigator ‘Ben’ grow closer to Christ. We did have the opportunity to teach a REAL investigator in the TRC (Teaching Resource Center) and this has been the most nervous time at the MTC haha. She was raised as an atheist but has had a lot of questions about our church so she is really open to new concepts and ideas! We have taught her completely by the spirit and it's amazing to see her faith grow! Love it!! So I fly out Monday at 3 in the morning, so the next time I'll be emailing ya'll is when I'm in the Lone Star State! I love you guys and I know that this church is true, I know that as we continue to keep His commandments and strive to be more like our Savior, we will be blessed with our efforts!


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