July 3, 2015


Provo MTC


Elder Lake

Elder Bolls 1st MTC Letter

Hey everyone! Its so good to finally be able to communicate with all of you! Everything here is great! The Elders here are incredible and everyone loves everyone! Thanks for always thinking about me! I miss you guys a ton! It's kinda weird that I'm really doing this! but I know that it's for a good and eternal cause! My Preparation Day is on Friday so I'll be able to email all of you guys then! It's super weird here haha. It feels like EFY on creatine. Everyone is just super directed on getting ready for the field and it's unbelievable! I've seen almost everyone from back home like Elder Boone, Elder Trotter, Elder Lunt, Elder McCormick, Elder Page and Elder Belsche! It's kind of weird to address them as "Elder" but that's missionary conduct. It definitely takes some getting used to and I'm still getting used to it. The food here is like a 4, sometimes a 5... can't wait to get me some Texas BBQ! My companion here is Elder Lake. He's an amazing individual from Ogden, Utah. He has a soft heart and is always ready to feel the spirit. We've gotten along great! I'm going to join the MTC Choir, even though I'm horrible at singing haha. I heard that it's an incredible experience so I can't wait! I absolutely love it here! Everything is focused on carrying out the work and I could ask for nothing better! LOVE YOU!


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