August 20, 2019


Canada Calgary


Elder Daniel Darrington

Week 7

Well this week hasn't been super interesting we had a lesson with a guy named Rag Jin who is a baller he is a hippie guy who is interested in spirituality in general and that's what got him interested in our church which was super super cool.
I went on exchanges with Elder Johanson my district leader, so that was pretty stressful but tracting with him was fun. He kept trying to meg me with pinecones, rocks, sticks, and literally anything he could.
On Monday we went tracting for about 2 hours and we got yelled at and the door slammed in our face a lot, but the very last door that we knocked on a lady answered and she was super nice and she told us to come back next week!!! This really reaffirmed to me that you can never give up because what you are looking for could be just a few feet away.
On Tuesday we went tracting for about 4 hours and honestly it was freakin amazing. Then while we were tracting there was this random Russian guy who bashed with us for like 30 minutes and he was talking about how we were brainwashed and that we need to experience drinking, parties, and women. The dude literally hit the nail on the head of all the things that we dont and I won't do. Then he went on to talk about how God is everything and that the trees and the radio waves were God. Which was weird. But one good thing I got from that conversation was not to ask what God could do for me but instead what I can do for God.
Another cool experience I had on Monday was while we were having ZCM (Zone Council Meeting) One thing one of the Sisters said was that "the origin of the word preach is demonstrate. And the origin of the word gospel is love. So preach my gospel teaches us to demonstrate love." I loved that so much because preach my gospel is the handbook that we base almost everything on.

I love all of you a ton and I miss you all. I really appreciate the emails that everyone has sent me if i dont reply I'm really sorry but I will reply eventually. If you ever have any questions or just want to talk please email me or message me on Facebook. I love all of yall. That's all for now. See ya next week.


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