September 4, 2017


Loveland, Colorado


Elder Shober


Well there are some big changes this time around. Transfers are tomorrow and I will be heading up to Laramie Wyoming! I will cover a family ward as well as one of the ysa wards from the university of Wyoming! So it should be really fun! My new companion is elder underwood... introducing ourselves will sure be interesting. This week, nothing fun or exciting really happened. We had our district p day last Monday and headed up to Estes park to go on a hike and do some dollar bowling. It was a really fun time! Tuesday, we had some appointments in Windsor and we were able to go to institute one last time which was really cool. Wednesday, we had a lesson with lyndsey that went really well. She is so golden it's unbelievable! Thursday, we were on exchanges and went to Buffalo Wild Wings, and had some really good visits with the Boyd lake missionaries. Friday, we had lunch with bro lamarr, and had our stake meeting. We started exchanges that night with another set of missionaries and that went over into Saturday. We contacted some people and tried to do some service, but mostly we were taking care of some missionary stuff. And we had to do transfer stuff that night so that was stressful! Sunday, we had our wards change times so we went to Longview sacrament, and then went to the ysa ward. It was really weird. We didn't know where any of the other classes were and so we are super lost haha. But it ended pretty good. The ysa ward is really fun. And we spent the rest of the time planning transfer stuff. Sorry about the short emails, the desire to write them is dwindling haha. But I'll try and keep them up! Thanks for all you guys! Love y'all!!!
Also, my new address is
1360 N 5th street apt. 2
Laramie, Wyoming 82072

Elder Parker Littlewood


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