August 28, 2017


Loveland, Colorado


Elder Shober

Corn Roast Festival

Well Monday, my companion sprained his ankle really bad. So that night, we spent at the urgent care, and getting medicine and all that good stuff. Tuesday, we had interviews with the mission president, so we spent a good chunk of the day at the church, followed by a trip to longmont and cafe rio for food. And we had a stake meeting at the end of the night. Wednesday, we had a pass off lesson for Lyndsey. I really don't remember what else we did Wednesday but I know we did something haha. Thursday, we had district meeting and had to deal with the taking of some missionaries car. That wasn't a very fun experience for anybody. And unfortunately that took up most of our day... Friday, we helped out with the corn roast festival! That was really fun. They had a corn shucking contest, and big teams that had their own t-shirts and it was crazy! Super fun though. We got volunteer t shirts, they fed us, all that good stuff. Saturday, we helped out again with the festival. This time it was the corn eating contest! There were all different age groups and they had 3 minutes to eat as many ears of corn as possible Haha. And then afterwards, they fed us again and we got some corn and it was super good! We helped out earlier in the morning so we had the rest of the day to spend contacting people and visiting names from the ward! Sunday was your typical Sunday. Or my typical Sunday I guess haha. Lots of church and lots of meetings, and we had dinner with a super cool family so that was fun! And we had to work on some transfer recommendations for the rest of the night! Sorry it's super short! Not a lot happening with my comps bad ankle haha. But love you guys!


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