August 14, 2017


Loveland, Colorado


Elder Shober

Playing Satan

Hey everybody! I hope you had a great week!

Tuesday, we started our 3 days with our mini missionary. He's a kid from one of the wards in Loveland, and he came out and did a 3 day trial mission type thing. It was really fun for everybody I think. We
got some grub at cafe rio in Longmont and then contacted some people around there. Nobody was home.. and then we had to head back to Loveland for a lesson with William. He's the member that we are teaching before he gets baptized. Then we had a ward BBQ that night!
Wednesday, we contacted for most of the day as well and people were actually home. We got in with these younger kids. Well older than us but younger than old people. And they are all in a band together. The
one kid is a member of the church and his two buddies aren't so we were able to hang out and talk with them for s bit and check out their bad set up and then we had a really good discussion about god and Jesus Christ. And it was super cool! I love to hear what other people believe in. Then we had dinner and our meeting with the stake president that night.
Thursday, we had a very interesting district meeting. The training was on listening to the Holy Ghost and the activity was we had an obstacle course set up, and there were teams of two. One person had to be blind
folded and listen to their team mate who was the Holy Ghost to tell them how to make it through. I had to play Satan and try and get in the way of things. It was actually really weird and I felt awful after but it was a good lesson haha. Then we had lunch with a member and service at HNS. We were supposed to have an appointment that night but
he didn't show... and it was our last day with Stephen. So we headed home and took some pics at the temple and then had a good little q and a with him. And it was really cool to actually be able to answer his questions he had about different things. Mission, and the spirit and
stuff like that. It really showed me how far I've come!
Friday, we didn't have a whole lot. We spent most of our day weekly
planning, and apartment shopping, and then tried to contact some people with no success.
Saturday, we helped out with Colorado cares Day. It's a huge day devoted to service and put on mainly by church members. So we went up to carter lake and hauled dead wood down the hill and it was put into a wood chipper. It was a pretty fun time! We got lunch with a bunch of
ysa kids, and then we did some studies before our dinner. And we spent the rest of the night preparing for Sunday and zone conference.
Sunday, we had our usual church schedule, except for the fact that we had to teach Sunday school. It went well thanks to lots of questions haha. Or else we would've finished with lots of time left. We had a meeting with the Longmont stake president as well and then had a lesson with William and dinner with them which was really fun. And
then more planning after that!

I hope y'all have a great week! I know the gospel is true and it can bless each and every single persons life if they will let it! Love you!

Elder Littlewood

*Coke explosion.
*Elder Shober fell out of bed, then stayed there and fell asleep.
*Picture at the temple with our mini missionary.
*Fireside from a while back.


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