August 7, 2017


Loveland, Colorado


Elder Shober

Boulder County Fair

Hey everybody!

Well this week was super crazy again. I think things are finally
starting to settle down after the past two weeks. Monday we had to help with a last second move for a less active in one of the other wards. So that took up a lot of our p day actually. We ended up getting all our shopping and all that done though so it worked out.
Tuesday, was our first day helping out at the boulder county fair. We were mostly just in the information booths and checking on the other missionaries helping out. We had our meeting with stake president crane and brother lamarr that night as well.
Wednesday, we went to another districts, district meeting to get to meet and talk with everybody and make sure everything was going smoothly. We came home after that to do some administrative stuff. We
got another round of mini missions so we assigned those and then had a lesson with William who is the 8 year old getting ready for baptism.
Thursday, we had our district meeting. And then went to lunch with some elders that I came out with and we went to lunch to celebrate our one year mark! It's so crazy to think I've been out a year already! We went to HNS after that and helped out for a bit before we went to our
second shift at the fair. That night, they had the muttin bustin! So we got to help out with tickets and even got to go down on the arena while they actually did the event and that was really fun!
Friday, we had MLC down in Windsor and had a great time. There was a lot of people from my group so we all got together and took a one year picture and all that good stuff. We learned a lot about finding new Investigators and more importantly the faith to find. Also, elder Hollands amazing story isn't totally accurate so that was a bummer. We had another night at the fair and the event that night was bull riding/bull fighting! And once again we got to help with tickets and monitoring the gate and stuff like that. We got to sneak a peak or two as well.
Saturday, we actually had time to study! We had personal and
companionship study! We were both doing Shine on the Book of Mormon challenge so we went outside and read the Book of Mormon together which was actually really fun haha. And then we had our longest and last shift at the fair. It was demolition derby night. And it was packed! They took good care of us though. We were in charge of
the gate until things got underway then they let us go get free ice cream, and watch for a bit which was super fun! Then it was back to work. And this huge rainstorm came in and they ended up having to cancel everything because it was so bad! Luckily we had a roof over
our heads but people were freaking out and there was like a river going down the middle of the streets haha it was crazy!
Sunday, we had our regular schedule. Church and more church until about dinner time. We met with the STLs and talked about the sisters in the zone and then took care of some administrative stuff and
finally got to go over some people we haven't met with in a while and contacted them. So it was a crazy busy week. Hopefully next week involves more missionary work! Love y'all!

Elder Littlewood


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