July 31, 2017


Loveland, Colorado


Elder Shober


Monday, was absolutely crazy. We put way too many miles on the car. First, we went and played a little baseball. We threw and hit a little bit in this park. Don't worry I still got it. We had to call in the bomb squad it was getting so bad. We helped some sisters move luggage, and went to the library and gave a blessing, and then hung out at a members house for a little bit and finally made it home to take stuff over to the mission home for the departing missionaries. And then just figuring out more transfer stuff. So stressful haha.
Tuesday... don't even know where to start... transfers were absolutely crazy. We dropped missionaries off at the office early in the morning and I got my new companion. His name is elder shober and he's awesome! We have a ton in common and I'm really excited for this transfer! We spent the middle part of the day driving around helping sisters with their luggage and taking people shopping. We came back to the office and made a couple trips with the new missionaries and their trainers that came in. Mo'o and gentry both came in and it was great to see them! We got everybody situated and drove up to Longmont for a service meeting. Then we headed back down to Loveland for a meeting with the stake president, and gave some missionaries a ride and finally made it home. That's the summarized version. Today was soo long hah.
Wednesday, we got to go pick up cars for the mission! It was soo fun! No companion, no tiwis, it was so nice hahah. I got to drive a brand new Tacoma off the lot. Pretty sweet! We ran back to Loveland and had a lesson with Janie. She's still just kind of in the curious stage but hopefully she comes out of it and has a sincere desire. We took some elders shopping after that, and then ended up heading to firestone for our dinner. That took longer than planned, and we had some stuff to take care of in Longmont. So by the time we were done, we just headed home.
Thursday, we had a lesson early in the morning. Well we showed up and there wasn't a male there. And we're supposed to have one if it's a single sister. Well she didn't like that, and ended up telling us to just leave because there was already contention there and she didn't want to do a lesson in that environment. So that was a rough start to the day... we had district meeting after that and it was really fun haha. Elder litster is very creative and we had to do this scavenger type thingy that took us all over and taught us about goal setting and using time wisely. It was pretty good. We had to go bring a car up to Loveland for a set of missionaries, so again, we got to drive companionless. This time we had tiwis but it was still very nice. I love my comp, but alone time is soo nice. We had a lesson with an 8 year old from the ward who's parents want him to go through the lessons. So we did that, and president mcmurray came with us! So that was stressful but really neat as well. We went to dinner and then had to help some missionaries get moved into their new house. And that took up the rest of our night.
Friday, we drove down to Windsor for an appointment st the office, and then headed home to do some weekly planning/ administrative stuff. We had another lesson with the young member kid and taught the plan of salvation. It was rough this time. He was pretty hyper haha. We went to help out a ward member moving so,e stuff around and chatted with him for a bit. We took some time to study for the first time this week, and then headed to dinner and finished with a meeting with our ward mission leader. Nothing too exciting today.
Saturday, all we did was move people. We had 4 moves lined up for the entire day and luckily two of the smaller ones cancelled. So we only had two but it still took up most of our day. It was good though. Got everybody where they needed to be and had lots of help from other missionaries so it went pretty fast. And we got to go to dinner later with the berthoud elders so that was fun.
Sunday, the typical Sunday. Lots of church until 4. We went and grabbed a bedframe from one of our members in the ward, and then had a crazy dinner. Soo many people but it felt like home haha. We were supposed to talk with the APs after that, but they didn't respond so we waited for s but and ended up driving to Longmont to give some blessings to finish off the night.
Love y'all!!! Have a great week!

Elder Littlewood

**Long story behind these pics with the bear. A sister asked us to take her luggage to the mission home before transfers. Well her bear was part of it. So we took him on an adventure the entire day Hahah.


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