July 24, 2017


Loveland, Colorado


Elder McFadden


Monday, was a very stressful day. We had district p day today which was really fun. We went up to Estes and went on a hike to emerald lake. It was really pretty and we got lots of good pictures and stuff. After the hike, we got lunch down there and then headed home for a bit. We emailed and then headed to a member in the berthoud ward. They fed us and we played sand volleyball in their backyard. It was pretty fun. Then the stress really piled on. We had a dinner lesson and then had to get elder McFadden to the assistants so he can start training. So we had to figure all that out and then who I'll be with for the week and where I'm sleeping tonight and all that stuff. So today was crazy. And the whole week probably will be as well.
Tuesday, we woke up to sister Eland (the berthoud elders member) making us cinnamon rolls. They were really good! We had to do lots of admin stuff today. We took some elders shopping, took some ankle brace stuff to some other missionaries. We finally got to do some missionary work and tried contacting some people. Not a whole lot of success. But we did talk to an older man who was blind and it was so sad to listen to him talk about how much he wishes things were different. We had dinner and then I had to go to a meeting with president mcmurray and his first counselor, president crane, and the high councilman over missionary work. And I was all by myself. It was so weird not to have a companion. But it was really cool to be one on one with all of them. Then I got a haircut from elder Litster and called it a night.
Wednesday, was a little complicated. I was planning on being on exchanges with the fossil creek elders. And so I went with them and berthoud to do service in the morning. And then instead of continuing our exchange after, there were some elders who had sprained his ankle. So he called our vehicle coordinator and they got berthoud's car. So we were down a car to drive people around. So we had to be done with our exchange and I just finished the day with berthoud. We had an early dinner with an investigator, then another dinner in the ysa ward. After our dinners, we had a couple appointments to finish out the night. One of them wasn't home, and the other family we talked about lehi's dream and the Book of Mormon.
Thursday, we went to HNS for service in the morning instead. After that, we had a lesson with Janie! We were finally able to get back in touch with her and we met and had a really good lesson. She was asking all sorts of really good questions and I think she's genuinely curious. Not too sure how bad she wants to know if it's true, but it's a good start. We headed back to berthoud to get ready for our fireside district meeting that night, and we ended up getting in a fight with a bunch of wasps. There was about 3 nests around where the fireplace was so we had to exterminate them. It was quite the project. It took a little longer than we thought. After our dinner we had our meeting and it was really good. Elder Litster gave a really good training on our "why" of why we're on a mission. It was definitely something I needed to hear. We also made s'mores and played this cool little game where we all shared what we loved about each other or a good quality they had. Our district is awesome!
Friday, we finished our studies and we're able to have a really special lunch with some really special people! We had a good time together and I loved being able to see them. After that, we went to the berthoud living center and played bingo with the old people haha. It was a good time. Then I was specifically asked by a lady to "wheel her back to her room". So that was a little awkward hahah. We had a lesson with a ysa aged girl after that. She was a referral for the berthoud elders. And she's been taught almost everything, been to church, all that good stuff. So hopefully that goes well! We contacted people after that, and then we made some s'mores over the stove hah. Somebody paid for our meal at dinner that night which was awesome, and then I went on splits with our assistant ward mission leader.
Saturday, we spent most of our day doing service for an investigator in the berthoud area. We moved rocks, oiled tractors, hung some screen doors, all sorts of good stuff. Then they fed us lunch which was awesome! We headed back to give a blessing and help some sisters get a frog out of their window well... we headed to dinner and then spent the rest of the night doing area calls.
Sunday, was the longest day of my life. It started with berthoud ward council at 7, then berthoud sacrament, ysa sacrament, and finally all three hours of Longview ward. I'm pretty sure I fell asleep at least a little bit in every ward. We gave another blessing and then dinner. And finished off the night with some more area calls and trying to plan transfers for what is now the second biggest zone in the mission. Oh shoot I left out transfers. I am staying here in Loveland. My new companion is elder Shober. They basically took the Loveland and Longmont zones and combined them. So we cover two stakes now. It's going to be a crazy big busy zone! But I'm excited. I've heard good thing about elder shober. And gentry and Mo'o are coming to the zone so I'm pumped! I think it'll be a good transfer. Things are still going fast. Enjoy every bit of time you have! Love y'all!

Elder Littlewood


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