July 17, 2017


Loveland, Colorado


Elder McFadden

Transfers: staying

Monday, the usual p day routine took place. We played basketball in the morning with the berthoud elders. Following that, we headed over to the taysoms to do our laundry and email and stuff. We went shopping after that, and then to dinner. Went to meet with a less active who just moved into the ward, and then spent the rest of the night setting up and preparing for some conference. Also, we cleaned our car and it looked so dang good. And then it rained... and ruined everything.
Tuesday, we had zone conference with the Longmont missionaries. It was a really good conference with a lot of focus on the Book of Mormon. We had a little breakout session with just our zone as well. Me and elder McFadden both gave trainings and had a little zone meeting which was good. We headed to dinner after that and on the way home we had a goal to hand out a Book of Mormon before we got back to the church. I was soo close! But the dang light turned green and we both had to drive off. But I'll get it haha. We had a return appt. with a lady named terry. We was curious about our beliefs and grateful for what we were doing but ultimately not interested. Then we made a couple more contacts with less actives the rest of the night.
Wednesday, we had Travis Baer with us for his little mini mission. We planned and did our studies and everything at the church and then headed out. We visited some families and then had a lesson with a member. He actually asked us to practice the lessons on him so we will be doing that. We headed up to berthoud after that to do some service. We planted some trees which was fun. We then headed to firestone for our dinner which was a pretty good drive. We were supposed to have splits with our ward mission leader that night but he supposedly texted us and cancelled but we never got it. So we spent the rest of the evening contacting people and finished up with some ice cream.
Thursday, we did our studies and all that good stuff. Afterwards, we headed up to Longmont to do some work up there. We met up and had lunch with the zone leaders up there and had a good time. Then we tried to visit some people but nobody was home so we ended up driving back to Loveland and went to HNS for service. We did some tracting after that and met some pretty interesting people. Dinner then we finished off the night with a couple lessons. One was a dinner lesson we had to miss so we made that up, then the other was with a young couple we tracted into. We shared the restoration with them and they definitely felt the spirit and we will see if they read the Book of Mormon!
Friday, we had breakfast with some members and shared a message about missionary work and how to be better member missionaries. It went really well. Then we were supposed to have service at 9:30. But the truck we were supposed to unload never came. So we left after waiting for forever and went to our appointment at 12. We had a really good lesson with a lady a member actually invited to take the lessons. Crazy how much members help! It was really spiritual and hopefully we will teach her again! The truck finally showed up so we went and unloaded that for a bit. We gave a blessing and then headed to the church to do some weekly planning until dinner. We spent the rest of the night contacting but nobody was home... but we got ice cream since it was travis' last day.
Saturday, we did some service in the morning and ran into Janie. Hopefully we get back in touch with her. Then we had lunch with the taysoms and did our comp study during the day. We also went to give a blessing to a guy a set of sisters are teaching. Then we went to a baptism for a ward member who had lots of non member friends coming and talked to them. Then we finished our night up in Longmont trying to contact people.
Sunday, we did the usual. We had ward conference in the ysa ward and so president crane was there and we had a really good ward council and then really good talks. So that was awesome. Then we went to Longview ward and the talks were on missionary work and we're both good. We had a hand off lesson with some sisters for a ysa and had a good time. Then it was time for dinner and after that, met with a less active in the Longview ward and had a good lesson with her. And then we had a meeting with president mcmurray. Elder McFadden was called to be the next AP! So this week is gonna be crazy and I'll be bouncing around to other missionaries all week long but I'll be staying and getting a new companion. I hope y'all had a great week! Love and miss you!

Elder Littlewood

Pictures: Throwback to face masks with Elder Gentry a while ago and pictures of our zone conference.


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