July 10, 2017


Loveland, Colorado


Elder McFadden

4th of July

Monday, we really didn't do much. We played basketball for a long time in the morning with the berthoud elders and exhausted ourselves. Then we came home and made some breakfast, took some suits to the dry cleaners and then went to do laundry and play games and stuff with the taysoms. We had our usual dinner and then had an appointment but it fell through so we did some tracting and contacting to finish up the night.
Tuesday, we had a normal proselyting day. But it being the 4th, we were able to do a lot of planning and administrative stuff that took up most of our time. We had a really cool family have us over for dinner and we played a game of crochet, no clue if that's how you spell it, and had some BBQ so it was a good time. Then we spent the rest of the evening contacting and talking to people at the church who were there to watch fireworks. Everybody we talked to were members but it was still good. We had to be in by 9 and tried to watch some fireworks but our apartment had us pretty cut off. So we caught glimpses but that's about it haha.
Wednesday, we had interviews with president. We spent most of the morning and afternoon picking up and driving missionaries around to get to their interviews. We took a lunch brake and went to Cracker Barrel with elder gentry and his companion elder bailey. They were down for a doctors appt. so we got together and had a really good time. My interview was great as usual. President is so loving and kind and cares so much about his missionaries. But he didn't hint at anything for transfers so we will see. We had a lesson with the sims granddaughter Tiffany and her non member friend Jessica and it went pretty well. I think Tiffany got more out of it than Jessica but hopefully they both start to progress and change and come to love the gospel. After our dinner in Longmont, we decided to see how Tom was doing. It was really good timing because the bishop was headed over at the same time and we were able to sit down and have a really good conversation with them. So hopefully we see them at church and pick things back up with them.
Thursday, we played some early morning basketball with the berthoud elders and then came home and made breakfast together. We had district meeting which went really well. Our district is awesome! After district meeting we went to service at HNS and had a good time helping out there. We did some planning for some lessons and our meeting for the next day and then headed to dinner. After dinner, we visited some more people and walked around a bit before we had to meet some other missionaries and grab some stuff for them to take to Misdionary Leadership Conference.
Friday, we had MLC! MLC is awesome. We talked a lot about member missionary work and the companionship of the Holy Ghost. It was a really good meeting! After that, we went straight to dinner and had to eat and run because we had to run back to the church for some pass off lessons. The first one cancelled, but we met with the second one and had a good lesson about the priesthood and we will be teaching him soon. We gave some blessings that night and then made a pit stop at the gas station and then headed home.
Saturday, we had exchanges with the berthoud elders. We met with our ward mission leader and talked about some things to work on. Then we went to berthoud and tried contacting people. Apparently everybody had something to do on a Saturday because nobody answered. We had a good dinner and the two boys both played baseball so that was cool to talk to them about that! We headed back down to Loveland after that and gave some elders a ride, and then contacted more people. Only one of which was home which was good. And then we spent the rest of the night planning for our zone conference coming up on Tuesday.
Sunday, meetings as usual. We actually made it to ward council in the Longview ward which was great. We were able to come home between that and ysa sacrament to get some lunch and relax a bit. Then went to sacrament at both wards. We left early to have a meeting with president crane and brother Lamarr. Had a really good meeting with them, and then headed to talk with the STLs about zone conference and finally to dinner. After dinner we came home to prepare our trainings. Hopefully they turn out well with two days of preparation hahah. Love you guys!!! I know this gospel is true and it will bless and change lives!

Elder Littlewood


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