July 3, 2017


Loveland, Colorado


Elder McFadden

11 Months!

11 months, I'm so excited too!!! Crazy honestly. Going by so fast. It feels good though.
Tuesday, what a great day! Today we got to go to the temple! It has been almost a year since I was able to go last and I've missed the last few trips just barely because of transfers. So I was very much looking forward to it this time. It was so great! I missed it for sure. We went with the Loveland and longmont zone. And president and sister mcmurray. So the temple was great. Then we went shopping and got some sweet ties! We played some basketball and did laundry. The temple took up a lot of time so we didn't get to do a whole lot but it was worth it. We met with the stake president and president mcmurray that night and then president took us out for ice cream and that was awesome! Good way to end the night.
Wednesday, we headed down to Windsor to pick up our new Tacoma!!! And it is sick! Riding in style for sure. After that, we helped a family move from one ward to another ward. None of which was ours but it was still good haha. We contacted a potential named stormie after that, and hopefully she will come to church on Sunday. We had dinner with our bishop, then we went to contact some potentials we didn't know and while we were driving, we saw a moving truck and decided to go help them. Come to find out they were members Haha so it was fun. We helped them load up the truck for the rest of the night.
Thursday, we had district meeting and then drove up to Longmont for an appointment that cancelled right as we got there so that was a bummer. We grabbed lunch and then headed to HNS for service. After that, we came home and did a little bit of planning for a lesson and tried to contact a few people before dinner. Dinner was awesome. We had dinner with the sims who are an older couple and they had their granddaughter who hasn't really been active, and her friend who isn't a member. So we had a really cool discussion after dinner with everybody and hopefully we will be able to teach them! Then we packed and got ready for exchanges with the assistants.
Friday, we were on exchanges with the assistants. That is always a good time. I was with elder bush who I really like and is a great missionary. We spent the morning doing studies and he had an interview with president and we got to see lots of missionaries at the office so that was nice. We got lunch and did our comp study, and then went and worked. We contacted a bunch of former investigators and did some tracting before dinner. After dinner, we went and visited a bunch of families and taught them how to be better missionaries. And after that, we tracted some more and had a really cool interaction with a guy that was all over what we had to say and wanted to come to church and was really interested! So hopefully that pans out. We also met a really nice lady and did the best we could in Spanish to introduce her to the Book of Mormon which was awesome! It was a really good day.
Saturday, we had lots of service. We helped our old vehicle coordinator move some firewood from a friends house out to his house which was fun. Then we helped a member in the ysa ward move down to Fort Collins. We did that with some other missionaries so that was fun as well. We were supposed to have more service, but they cancelled last minute. We found a desk that said free so we went and grabbed it for our apartment and did some reorganizing. We headed to dinner after that, and spent the rest of the night contacting less actives, and trying to dump the couch we got rid of.
Sunday, we had our usual meetings in the morning. Brother lamarr invited us over for breakfast before he realized it was fast Sunday so that was a bummer. But we met with him and then ysa ward council and a meeting with our ward mission leader in the ysa. Sacrament, and then the Longview ward. We decided to ditch elders quorum and go in with the priests and it is so much better. The elders are so boring... it's awful haha. After church we tried to visit some less actives before dinner. And did the same after. Trying to track down people that nobody knows about from the ward. Good stuff for sure.

Love you guys!!!

Elder Littlewood


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