June 27, 2017


Loveland, Colorado


Elder McFadden

Temple Day

I've realized that a lot of missionaries emails are much shorter than mine. So I will try to shorten mine up and focus on the important things!
Monday, was a pretty fun day. We went to a members house with some other missionaries. And this member has a huge house! They have an indoor basketball court type thing, pool table, ping pong, basically anything you can think of. And also a "water feature" because you can't have a pool. So we hung out there and had a good time. Then we had our usual dinner plans with the mansells and had FHE with them to end the night.
Tuesday, we had exchanges. I was with elder Litster and we had a pretty good day. We did some service for the first part of the day, and helped a lady pull some weeds in her garden. Then we came home and caught the other elders so we had a pretty good discussion about the gospel and some cool doctrinal stuff. We had an appt cancel on us, but had another one in the berthoud ward that went well and then a blessing later that night. Not a super busy day. But exchanges are always nice.
Wednesday, we spent the morning service hunting. We only have two set hours for service during the week and we're allowed 10 so we went to find some more and so hopefully we will be doing a lot more service! We grabbed some lunch and then helped some other sisters out with a member needing a blessing. Then we went and helped out some elders with some bike problems, and headed back home for comp study. Then we went visiting some people and talked to some cool people. One not really interested. But then we stopped by a less active who lives with his friends and they said they would love to get together and talk so hopefully that works out. Then we had dinner and visited Tom for a bit.
Thursday, we had a really good district meeting about purpose and the reason why we're all out on missions. It was a really good training. Then we went to lunch and went to service at HNS. Our dinner cancelled so we had some free time to hang out and take a little nap. Then we spent the rest of the night contacting less actives and potentials and got a few return appointments so hopefully those work out!
Friday, we took a missionary down to the mission office for an appointment and got to sit and talk with some other missionaries and president for a bit. Then we went and gave a blessing. After that, we grabbed some lunch, and went to some service. They had nothing for us to do really. Just trying to organize their outside stuff. So we left and had a meeting for our triathlon service. We got some chick fil a and then cleaned up our area and then helped the taysoms with their new microwave for a bit.
Saturday, we were loaded with service! We started at 7 in the morning with the Loveland lake to lake triathlon. We were passing out water along the route. It was really fun. And dang those people were in shape. And really serious about their running haha. But it was a good time. The whole zone helped out and we had a good time. Then we went to help the berthoud elders with some service for their investigator. We stacked a whole bunch of hay in her barn. Took some allergy medicine right before and I don't want to know what it would've been like without it. It was pretty bad. I was up in the hay loft stacking and it was just circulating. But I love that kind of stuff so it was worth it. After service, we had dinner with the taysoms, and then tried to go out and work but we both looked high from our allergies and could hardly breathe. So we had an hour left and came home to do our personal study. So it worked out.
Sunday, just the usual. Meeting with President crane in the morning. We found out about at 5:30 in the morning and luckily we were awake or we probably would've missed it haha. We had ysa sacrament, then dipped out and went to Longview. We grabbed some food after church and visited some people before dinner. And after dinner we went and moved a piano for a lady in the ward and gave a blessing and called it good!
Another Monday, due to our temple trip on Tuesday, I didn't get to email today. So it was really weird to be proselyting on a Monday. And today was just garbage. All of our appointments with potential investigators cancelled, so everything fell through and we spent most of the day contacting less actives and potentials and did some tracting. Met some really interesting people haha. One lady came out and looked super friendly but then she said "You look like church people, well let me tell you what. I don't go to your homes in your time of relaxation and try to tell you things that you don't care about, so don't do it to me." So that was fun. And then some guy just laughed at us when he saw us and went back inside. So lots of interesting people. Then we were able to help out the STLs and give a blessing to a member they are working with. It was a really cool spiritual experience so we ended on a good note! And tomorrow I get to go to the temple so what more could you ask for! I hope y'all had a great week! Love you all!

Elder Littlewood

District picture, loading some hay into a hay loft, and our zone triathlon service!


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