June 19, 2017


Loveland, Colorado


Elder McFadden


Monday, we partied. It was elder Gentry's last day so we had some fun. We went golfing which was awesome! We played a course called cattail creek. We didn't play very good but it was still fun hahah. After that, we went and ate at Cracker Barrel. Our little tradition for the last time. And Ali came so elder gentry could say goodbye so that was fun. After lunch, we came home and figured out some transfer stuff before we took an elder to the mission office to go home tomorrow. It was crazy. I know so many of the missionaries who are going home. It's kinda sad honestly. But we dropped him off, then headed to dinner with the mansells. Had dinner with them and talked for a bit then we came home to pack. And I'm not even gonna say how late we finished. Haha
Tuesday, was so crazy. Transfers were insane. It started off with taking elder gentry and elder Orzel to the mission office. He was gone pretty quick and I picked up elder Mcfadden. From there we were running missionaries back and forth, taking them shopping, grabbing lunch, all these different things. We were nonstop til about 6 o'clock when we got to institute. It was a crazy day! We drove so many miles... we had burgers and hotdogs before institute and that was fun. Institute was a really good lesson but not all that good for an investigator. It's marriage and family so kind of deeper stuff. But honestly today was just a blur because of how much we were running around.
Wednesday, was a long day. Not sure why but it was so slow. We helped out some missionaries with getting a bike in the morning, and then we were finally able to take some other elders and get our shopping done. We had a lesson with a couple in our ward about missionary work. They are really willing and want to be good missionaries which is awesome. They also fed us lunch unexpectedly which was really cool. After that, we spent a lot of time contacting less actives and a few potentials, some people from the ward council and all that good stuff for the rest of the night. Not a super successful day, but we did talk to a lot of people!
Thursday, was a little bit better. We did some tracting and talked to one guy who said he might be interested, but that he needed to talk to his wife first. Smart man. We did service at HNS and then we had dinner with some members that just loved to talk. We tried to get a lesson in but we barely did any talking. It was still good though and the discussion was gospel related so I guess that works haha. We contacted some potentials and less actives after that and had an interesting time doing that. And then the highlight of the night was getting multiple phone calls from this supposedly drunk girl named waverly. I'm pretty sure it was a prank but it was pretty good haha. She told us all about her family and the Book of Mormon and her college trips and all sorts of different things. She called about 4 different times, and just again while I was typing this but we're "sleeping". So that was a great way to end the night.
Friday, we had district meeting with our nice big district, and played a get to know you game and all sorts of stuff. After that, we helped some sisters move to their new house and then went to contact a guy we had talked to earlier in the week. But his wife answered and said not to come back "because of her dog"... so I'm not sure what that means but it was kind of a bummer. He seemed pretty interested. After that we did some weekly planning and then went and had a good dinner at Cracker Barrel. I found my gift card luckily. After dinner, we contacted a bunch of people from the ward. Some friendly, and some not so much... but no big deal. The day went by quick which was nice.
Saturday, we spent basically the entire day contacting people. Less actives, potentials, new investigators that we didn't know, all sorts of people. Most of it with little to no success. All the less actives we stopped by said they weren't members anymore and wanted their records removed and all that good stuff. And most of the investigators just didn't want to talk to us. I was actually surprised at how many people weren't home for a Saturday. But we did end up stopping by this guy named Vince. He was super nice and let us right in. And then what followed was about a 2 hour bible study with a lot of him talking and us just listening. It was really interesting. For about the first half, he was talking about things that we 100% believed in. It was really cool! And then he started to say some things that we kind of questioned but that's alright. It was a really neat experience and I learned how much more I need to study the Bible haha. We went to dinner after that and then got a call from our second counselor in the bishopric asking us to speak on Sunday. So we ran home and spent the rest of the night preparing for that.
Sunday, we went to ysa ward council and sacrament meeting and gave our talks. Luckily the topics were Joseph smith and the Book of Mormon. Both relating to the restoration. So we basically just taught what we teach every day haha. Then we headed to the long view sacrament and Sunday school but we had to leave early to make it to a meeting with president crane. But those are always great. We had dinner and then headed up to Longmont to try and contact some people. It was just really hard because of Father's Day and so people didn't want to talk to us. So we ended up doing some role plays and studying to finish off the night.

Thanks for all the support and I hope everybody had a good Father's Day!

Elder Littlewood

P.S. next week I will be emailing on Tuesday instead of Monday because we get to go to the temple! So don't freak out(my family) when I don't email on Monday haha


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