June 5, 2017


Loveland, Colorado


Elder Gentry

10 months

Here's the weekly report:

Monday, today was a boring day to be honest. We went shopping in the morning, and then did laundry for a while. We went and played basketball with the berthoud elders and then went to dinner. Had a pretty interesting time. We got on the subject of how both elder gentry and I itch all the time all over the place, and they thought we had bed bugs so we talked about that for a while and then when dinner and FHE was over and everything we came right home and checked haha. I don't think we have them, but still wish we knew why we were so itchy.
Tuesday, we helped this lady move. I swear missionaries are more like full time movers and part time missionaries haha. She was in a pretty bad spot and we had to get everything out of her apartment and into a storage unit and then I think we're supposed to help her when she gets a new place to move back in. But that took most of the day. Up until about 6. Then we came home and got ready for our stake meeting with president crane and brother Lamarr and that finished off our night. Another pretty slow day.
Wednesday, we had exchanges with the Huntington hills elders. I was with elder Jensen who actually came out the same time as me. We had a pretty good day. Talked to a few potentials and had a little bit of success. Then we went to a bunch of people the ward council asked us to stop by. Most of them had moved away a while ago, and the others just didn't really want to talk. Some of them were really nice though and we were able to have some good conversations.we headed up to longmont after that and contacted some more potentials before our dinner. We had some awesome authentic Mexican which was really good. After dinner we had a lesson with Greta which went really well. We talked about the gospel of Jesus Christ and sacrament and all that good stuff. I think she's slowly getting more and more serious about everything. Then we gave her a church tour and that was that. We headed back to Loveland and unexchanged.
Thursday, we started off with district meeting and had a good time there, then we had lunch. After that, we went over to a family in the ward, and her birthday was actually the same day as reagans! She had mentioned that she wanted a remote control helicopter and elder gentry happened to have one, so we took that over to her which was a good experience. We had service at HNS after that, and then dinner. We got ready for our MLC meeting after that and contacted some people, and then picked up another missionary to go down with us to MLCs the next day.
Friday, we had MLCs for most of the day. We talked a lot about working with members and the ward council to get the most effective missionary work going. It's a lot more easier said than done. It takes a lot to get the ward council and the members to get interested in missionary work. So that was a huge focus. We got home around 5 so we went and got dinner, and then had to take Elder Tippetts back to Longmont, and it was almost the end of the night by the time we got there, so we contacted a few people and then headed home. Pretty slow day because of MLC but that's alright.
Saturday, we started the morning by helping out with the berthoud days celebration up in berthoud. We were helping with the 5K so we just directed the route. It was pretty fun. Kind of boring haha but it wasn't bad. After that, we went to help a member in the long view ward move some furniture around and some stuff like that, and it took a lot longer than it should've. So we went straight from there to dinner. Dinner was really fun haha. We are with an older couple, and this guy was just telling us stories the whole time about him in the war and all the stupid stuff he did. It was really funny Hahah. Then we went to the church and tried to get some weekly planning in since we didn't get to yesterday.
Sunday, we had our typical ward council meetings and then ysa sacrament which went til about 12:30 haha. Everybody wanted to bear their testimony. It was really good though. Longview sacrament was good as well and the lessons that followed. Then we studied for a bit after church, and had to go pick up some elders for the choir practice that we've been requested to be at. We were there for a while and then went to dinner at 7. We had fasted the whole day and were soo hungry! But we had some really good salmon for dinner and that was awesome! Super cool family.
I hope y'all are doing great back home! Let me know if there's anything I can do for any of you! Love y'all!!!

Elder Littlewood

Pictures are of their district P-day in Estes Park and Katherine's baptism (she was their investigator that moved from their area right before she got baptized)


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