February 20, 2017


Fort Collins


Elder Christianson

Quick Week

Let's see, this week I realized how much different responsibilities I have as a district leader haha. There's not as many opportunities to do the normal missionary work. But that's alright haha. I have really enjoyed it. This week went by so fast idk if I can remember what happened but I will try hah. Tuesday we spent most of the day contacting new members in the ward. Since the boundaries were extended. As well as some less actives and potentials. We also met with our ward mission leader and talked with him for a while and that was good. Wednesday we had zone meeting. That was really good. There were some awesome trainings and it all hit pretty close with me. I learned a lot. That night we also played floor hockey with some member and non members from the ward. It was a really good fellowshipping activity. Thursday we had a pretty busy day. We had some appointments with investigators as well as less actives. We finished setting up the baptism for the two young boys that they have been working with in the area. And we also had a meeting on how to be a district leader which was really helpful haha. Friday was weekly planning and all that good stuff. And the. Saturday was interesting. We started out with some service. And I'm not going to go into detail because it's pretty disgusting. But basically we were cleaning out a hoarders house. And there were mice involved. And I'll leave it at that. We also had the baptism for the two young boys and it ended up well. And after that we went back to finish the service that still isn't done yet... Sunday was Sunday. Church was pretty good. Still kind of adjusting. Things are a little weird with the boundary changes and all that stuff. But it will be good. We also had singing practice for our musical number in zone conference. I can't tell you how excited I am for that... and that about sums it all up. I'm sure there's more but I struggled to remember even that haha. I hope everything is good with you guys! I love and miss you so much!

Elder Littlewood

Pictures: So the one is from our huge nerf war, the other is Fort Collins. We went and took a little hike up to this hill view thingy that was way fun. And then the other two, is a book that this lady in our ward, her mom started it forever ago and had all the missionaries sign it. And the two pictures are of Bruce R. McConkie and Joseph fielding smith. Just thought that was pretty cool!


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