February 13, 2017


Fort Collins


Elder Christianson

New Area

My week was pretty good. I finished saying goodbyes Monday and visiting people, and then packed til about 1 in the morning. Tuesday was transfers. I was at the mission office for most of the day hanging out with other elders. It was a pretty good time. That night I got my
companion and got to our new house and everything. Wednesday we had a short little district meeting and got acquainted with everybody. And
then spent most of our time visiting less actives and potential
investigators. That's most of what we do. Thursday, we had some service in the morning and then they fed us some lunch after. And we contacted some more that day. That night we went down and had one of
our investigators get interviewed with president for his baptism. And it was right by the temple so we went and took some pictures. Friday we had weekly planning and had a couple visits. Saturday we went out contacting and trying to set up some appointments. We were able to get in with quite a few less actives and it was good. That night, we had stake conference and listened to some really good talks. President and sister mcmurray even spoke and they both gave awesome talks. Sunday we had the rest of stake conference. We had a priesthood session in the morning and then general session after that. So we were at the church for a very long time. That's when I met the mcmillans though so it was
worth it haha. After that, we went and tried to contact some
investigators and clean that up a bit. And found some that had moved away and weren't there anymore so it worked. And that's about it. Lots of contacting. oh yeah, And the very first day I got here, we found goats at the church building and had to herd
them back to their house haha. It was a pretty good week. Love and miss you all!

Elder Parker Littlewood

*Parker with part of his district. His companion is in the back with the camo shirt on.

*Parker with the McMillan's at Stake Conference. They are relatives of Andrea that live in Fort Collins.

*The Fort Collins Temple

*Parker with Bishop Knechtel and Elder Oates before he left Longmont.

*Parker holding Sister Knechtel's snake.


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