February 6, 2017


Longmont, Colorado


Elder Oates

District Leader!

Well, this week has been crazy. It went by super fast. Monday we had district p day which was really fun. We were able to go to the church and play basketball and throw the football around and play rugby outside and a huge nerf war in the church so that was fun! Tuesday, was another very bitter sweet day. Well if we're right then it was. We
met with Juan again and things didnt go very well. He hasn't got an answer to his prayers and he said he is reading and all that and I think he's getting frustrated and kinda done with things. So we were just about to leave when we started talking about music. And me and elder Oates were talking about how we wish we knew how to play guitar. Well then he wanted to stay and talk. Then he took us to go find some cheap ones at pawn shops. So we each bought one. And then Juan said he was going to buy us strings for them. So we went to this guitar shop and I guess he knows the guy that works there. Well he proceeded to not only buy us strings, and straps, and cleaning cloths, and a case, but on top of that he bought us each brand new guitars. He said he wanted us to spend our own money at the pawn shops so he knew we were serious, but that this was his plan the whole time. And so he has started to teach us how to play. However, looking back on it, we are really worried that that was kind of his goodbye/I'm done gift to us to soften the blow and take our minds off of it. So I'm not sure where things are going to go with that... Wednesday, we had service at the chandlers again. He has been feeling a little bit better. And we put up half of his corral to give some of his horses some wind block. It was pretty fun actually. But freezing cold. And there was freezing rain like I had never seen before so that was a little scary. Thursday we had district meeting and went out to lunch together and then the Knechtel's had basically our whole district over for dinner! It was soo good! Friday is when things changed. Our day was totally normal for
the most part. We had weekly planning and our usual visits. But when we were in an appointment with one of the older sisters in our ward, we got a call from president mcmurray. He asked to speak with me, and to make a long story short, I am being transferred to Fort Collins to
serve in the Terry Lakes ward as well as serve as a district leader.
I'm excited but more nervous than anything else Haha. So we will see how that goes. Friday night we went up to Estes for exchanges and to celebrate 6 months!!! It's crazy how fast time has flown by. Saturday we did some street contacting and some visits and kind of a little
last hurrah up in Estes before we went our separate ways. Sunday was a good fast and testimony meeting and good classes. We talked about the importance of the sacrament. And then after that we had a little goodbye party for one of the families in the ward that we were able to go to. And had a blast there actually haha. We were throwing grapes as high as we could and catching them in our mouths. It was super fun😂
and then we started making the rounds and saying goodbye to families and people and that was pretty hard. And there's still more today so we will see how that all goes. But lots of packing and cleaning today before I ship off tomorrow. And yes thank you for all of the 6 month gifts and wishes and everything! I was really grateful for that:) I
hope all of you are doing well! And I will send you my new address as soon as I know what it is haha. Love you all and I hope you're doing great!

Elder Littlewood


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