January 23, 2017


Longmont, Colorado


Elder Oates

Zone conference

Hey momma,

I'm glad you liked the picture. I thought you would. Sorry it took so long! For some reason it takes forever for us to get new tags.

Anyway, let's see if I can remember what happened this week haha.
Tuesday, we had zone conference. It was with our zone and the Loveland
zone. I got to see elder Miceli and elder Johnson from the MTC so that
was awesome! It was a really good conference and I learned so much! It
was one of our APs last transfers so he was leaving pretty soon and he
gave an amazing training on how you don't have to be perfect in any
way. But that just by "showing up" and doing what you're supposed to
you're doing amazing and just helped to reiterate that just because
something doesn't go perfect or because things aren't working out,
that you shouldn't get discouraged. As long as you're in the right
place at the right time, trying to do what you're supposed to, you are
doing amazing. So that was good to hear. So that conference took up
most of the day, and then we took Estes home and headed to our dinner
for that night. After dinner we went and visited the chandlers. They
hadn't been at church and we wanted to check on him and see how he was
doing so we had s good visit with them. Wednesday, we spent some time
trying to contact some referrals, and visit some people. And of course
nobody was home. And the. We went to give a blessing to one of the
sick ladies in our ward who was t doing too well. Then we helped
bishop get some things ready for the new seminary situation. Oh yeah!
Well for one, we taught seminary on Wednesday. Which was good cuz they
were having it in the basement where we live haha. But now it's moved
to another house. But brother draper who has been our ward mission
leader, got a new calling as the seminary teacher. So he has been
released and brother felt who is the man of the family we spent
thanksgiving and Christmas Eve with, is our new ward mission leader.
So we will see what happens there and have some fun with that. Anyway,
after that, we had dinner with sister kleinhansel. She's the older
lady who has been a member for about a year now. And had a good time
with her. Then went to visit with sister Schreiber. Another one of the
older single sisters in the ward. She made us some hot chocolate andhad a good time with her. Thursday, we had some service at the
maschmeyers. We were taking down the Christmas lights that we put up a
while ago so that was kind of fun. Then we headed up to Lyons and
tried to contact some potentials and some new investigators. Which we
got in contact with everybody we were trying to. They just didn't have
time at the moment. So we will try back soon. Then we spent the rest
of the day looking for a place to do service at. And we found some!
It's kind of like a good will type place and we will be able to go
pretty much whenever we want. So that will be really nice to finally
have some set service we can go and do. That night, we had the
appointments that were set fall through. But it worked out. We were
able to meet and talk with one of the ladies in the ward that we
hadn't been able to meet for a long time so it was awesome! And then
the man and his son who we were out on splits with, took us out for
ice cream so that was fun. Friday, was our weekly planning day. Which
takes up so much time. And we had Juan cancel on us for the second or
third time in a row. Not too sure what's going on with him but
hopefully everything is okay. That night though, we saw a lot of
people and had a lot of appointments. We were able to finally sit down
with one of our investigators we hadn't been able to contact for a
while, and we met with the petersons and sister mcninch so it was a
really good night. Saturday we spent s lot of time contacting and
trying to catch people at home. Some of which was successful but not
very much. After we did that for a while, we came home and was able to
help bishop and his son fix some shelves they had up in the garage. So
that was nice to be able to get out and do some actual work type
stuff. Then that night, we went up to help Estes out with some stuff
for a while and headed home for the night. Sunday, we had ward
council, and sacrament meeting and classes and had a good time. We
went and visited sister baker after church and then went to help
sister Evans with some stuff after that. And sister mcninch is moving
so we went over to figure out when she needs our help and what we can
do for that. And after that we headed home to dinner. We had dinner
with the knechtels and then went with bishop to visit a sister in the
ward and talked with her for a while. And after that we went to try to
contact a referral with yet again no answer. So we went to the
chandlers to see how he was doing. He got his results back and as of
right now it's not what they thought it might be so that's good. But
they might get it looked at again so we will see. They are awesome
though. They have a little farm, and he's just full of stories every
time we go over haha. And that's about it for the week. One thing that
for some reason has come up a lot is a talk by elder Cornish titled.
Am I good enough? Will I make it? It was the focus of our zone
conference and everybody was studying that in third hour of church
yesterday and it's a really good talk. So if you're looking for a good
read. There ya go. Thanks for everything! I hope you all are doing
great! Love you!!!

Elder Littlewood


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