January 16, 2017


Longmont, Colorado


Elder Oates

Slow going

Well let's see what happened this week. Tuesday we had zone meeting with the whole zone and had some good discussions and trainings and had a pretty good time together. Then we went out to lunch at tasty Tuesday's. Then we spent most of the day tracting and trying to contact some potential investigators an dless actives. We had a little bit of success but not much. Wednesday, we went over and helped out a little bit on the chandlers farm. We moved around a trailer of hay
bales for them. Reminded me how allergic I am to hay Haha. I was pretty messed up the rest of the day haha. That night we had a lesson with the petersons. Some recent converts in the ward. Thursday, we were up helping Estes out with some things and then came back down for dinner and went and visited Louise. She's the other recent convert. Well not anymore I guess haha. She just passed a year. Friday we had weekly planning and Juan had to cancel. Cause he wasn't feeling well.
Then we went to dinner. And that night, thanks to Estes our apartment was trashed. And so with our appointments canceling, we came home and cleaned the apartment. Saturday, we had to take Estes to the library to fill out an incident report for their car. And as we were walking
out had an interesting discussion with a man that followed us out. He started asking us all these questions about how we can't do enough to make it to heaven because Jesus already did everything for us. And it
was really confusing and he was drunk off his rocker which didn't
help. And unfortunately, the conversation ended with him telling us that "the Mormon Jesus sucks" and us deciding it was time to leave and we walked off. So that kind of left a bad taste in our mouths. But
after we were done with that, we did some more tracting and
contacting. We tried to contact a referral that requested a Book of
Mormon and just decided to tract out that neighborhood since we were there. Not much success. And then we went to try and contact some less actives in the apartments and tract some places out there. This time
everybody was at least nice and kind to us, but still no success.
Except we were able to contact some of the less actives we were tying to. Sunday we went to church and had a good sacrament and good classes
and then had a super early dinner. After that, we spent most of the day getting ready for our preach my gospel class that the bishop has asked us to pick up again. It's pretty cool. We teach some principle out of preach my gospel and do maybe a role play or something and then a fun little game or something. And the youth in the ward come and participate in that so that was a good time. And that took up most
of the night. So all in all it was a pretty decent week. Except for it
seeming like all our appointments fell through. Still on the lookout for new people to teach. Also, if you're looking for s good conference talk, I have a few suggestions. Safety for the soul by Elder holland in October 2009, Mountains to climb by President eyring in April 2012,
or eternal families by Eyring as well in April 2026. All really good
talks! Hope everybody is doing great! Love and miss you!

Elder Littlewood


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