January 9, 2017


Longmont, Colorado


Elder Oates

Cold & Snowy

Well let's see. What happened this week... so Tuesday, I'm honestly not sure what happened during the day haha. But that night, we went on splits with one of our recent converts and went to visit some of the less active single sisters in the ward. We have weekly appointments
set up with them which is pretty nice. Wednesday, we went up to Estes and helped them out with some appointments up there during the day, and then came back down here and met with the recent converts in the ward and went over word of wisdom with them. Not sure if they got it
the first time Haha. That night we were hit with a pretty big snow
storm so we spent most of the day Thursday shoveling out people's driveways and sidewalks which was pretty successful actually. We were able to talk to a bunch of people and gave out quite a few pass along
cards with our information on the back of it, and one lady gave us
some hot chocolate. So it was fun. There was one driveway, I'll send a picture of it. But it was huge! And took forever with two shovels but it was kinda fun. That night, we went on splits with a brother from the ward and we're able to contact a lot of people we hadn't been able to. Most of them were unsuccessful, but now we know for sure. Friday we went down to pick up our car finally! We went down with the ZLs and
drove over to the repair shop with elder smith and picked it up and
went back to the mission office to go through a bunch of paper work which was a hassle and kind of took a while but I'm not gonna complain. We got the car back into longmont, and had district meeting, and then lunch, and we're supposed to have an appointment, but that fell through. So we came back and had dinner and then bishop and his wife actually had us come up and teach their son Brock and all of his non member friends. Which was kinda awkward. But cool at the same time. Saturday was another interesting day. We went up to Lyons to try and visit some people and decided to try to visit this family in particular. Well they lived up a little windy dirt road that was covered in snow. And we decided not to listen to the warning signs
telling us to have chains or four wheel drive, and so finally we got
to a point where we knew we couldn't make it up so we turned around and as we were coming back down, we came around this bend right as this lady was flying up the opposite way on or side of the road. So luckily she saw us and swerved and we did the same thing but ended up in a little rut of the side of the road and could t pop back out so we
got stuck. Pretty bad too. Luckily some very friendly people came and helped us dig out and put boards and gravel underneath the car and push and sure enough, we got it up and out. That was quite the adventure. Then we went and did some tracting up in Lyons which wasn't very successful and got s few doors slammed in our face. That night we tried to go visit some people in the ward, and they were either sick or didn't want to talk to us so that was pretty unsuccessful as well. Sunday was a good day. Church is always good. We had fast and testimony meeting and enjoyed that, then the classes were all really good as well. Sad thing is, our ward mission leader who has been amazing, got called to be the seminary teacher and will most likely be released here pretty soon. Which is s bummer. Then we went and visited an older sister in the ward, and an older couple and talked with both of them for a while. Then we came down and had dinner and visited the old couple we go and do service for all the time. He has been in the hospital with some heart problems and was finally out so we went to
visit and that was good as well. Then we went and gave a blessing with bishop and that finished out the night. I hope you all had a good holiday season and you're having a happy new year! Love you all!

Elder Littlewood


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