December 19, 2016


Longmont, Colorado


Elder Oates

Stuck in Estes Park

Hey mom and y'all,

This week was much much better than last week. At least in the sense of accidents. Unfortunately, we didn't get a whole lot done because of
how crazy busy we were. Tuesday, we had our zone conference for a good chunk of the day. We just meet together as a zone and go over what the
ZLs have been trained on most recently. And then had the chance to go out to dinner with Kelly which was awesome! Wednesday was pretty much
just s normal day haha. Nothing really out of the ordinary. Thursday I had the opportunity to go down to a mission leader conference and that was amazing! Besides the fact that it was all day. But we had three
representatives from the mission department come and speak to us and give us trainings and it was crazy! The one guy is one of the people who sits in the room with whoever is assigning missionaries their calls every single week. That was pretty cool. And the other guy was
the mission president from the district two. It was that tv series
they did about a certain mission for a few weeks. And he was awesome and super knowledgeable! Friday we decided to go on exchanges with our district leader. I was going up to Estes with elder Arnold who was up in Cheyenne with me. And right as we got up there, the mission got put us in a no drive position. What that means is that we are not allowed to drive the cars. Anywhere for any reason. And we live about an hours
walk from town, with about 3° temperatures. In the middle of the day. So we weren't really supposed to go out and do anything. Which was really a bummer. But we thought it would just be lifted the next day and we could get stuff done. Well we thought wrong. The no drive "day"
actually lasted three days. So we went up Friday morning, and I just barely got back home about 30 minutes ago Haha. So it has been a crazy past few days cooped up in a little cabin with no wifi and absolutely nothing to do. Luckily however, Estes is known for the elk. And wow were there elk. That's probably the only thing that kept me sane Haha.
They were all around the house. I got some pretty good pictures so
I'll be sure to send those. I got to go to church up in Estes which is
just s little branch that meets in the local senior center. It's crazy
how it doesn't matter where it's being held, you can still tell that
it is something special and the spirit is there and it's just an
amazing experience. It was a really good time. And unfortunately, since I was stuck in Estes for the last half of the week I don't have a whole lot more to tell. But it was a good week so I'm happy about
that! I'm not too sure
about the time I will be skyping. It will either be around 12:30 after our church or 7:00 Christmas night. We are calling the family that we're having dinner with on Christmas to figure things out and then I'll let you know. And
we have a sister in the ward who is going to text you guys and keepyou updated if we have to change things Haha.

One thing that really stuck out to me in the training I went to this
week was how important the atonement is. And that missionary work is
so important because without the saving ordinance of baptism, there is no access to the atonement. It just really made me think about how important it is to share the gospel with others and give them the opportunity to partake of the atonement through baptism.

Anyway, I hope you are all doing well! And I hope you have a great
Christmas!!! I love you all!

Elder Littlewood


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