December 12, 2016


Longmont, Colorado


Elder Oates

I thought I could drive in snow...

Dear mom and everyone,

If this email sounds a little down in the dumps it's because it
probably is haha. This has been a pretty rough week. Tuesday we had our big zone conference down in Greeley Colorado. And we showed up late to that, because some other elders forgot to get a white elephant
gift. But we finally got there and it was actually a pretty good
meeting. I enjoyed just about every part of it except for when they randomly called people to give talks based on the assigned topic. And of course I was the first one. Luckily I had read through the material the night before so I was kind of prepared haha. After the meeting, we
had a big white elephant gift exchange he which was super fun. I ended up with a singing Justin Bieber toothbrush and some socks and candy. It was pretty funny haha. But that was a good time. After that we headed home and we had some appointments to get to. And then after those, the chaos began. We had just finished up our night and had just pulled into our house. Then the zone leaders called and asked us if we could come pick up some supplies we needed. And so we left to go do that. And as we were pulling out of our neighborhood(I forgot there
was a pretty big snow storm all day that day), we hit a patch of ice and started sliding and the subarus stupid traction control that doesn't really control your traction in my opinion, that kicked in and locked everything up and so I couldn't accelerate or brake or do anything. And so we slid right into the curb and messed up the front right wheel of our car. So that was great. Luckily we were able to get it back to the house where it sat. And we spent the rest of the night and the next day filling out all the paperwork. Which was such a pain in the butt. So our Wednesday went down the drain with that. Then we had some appointments that were luckily close enough to walk to so we finished off our night with that. Thursday we broke out the bikes and tried to get around using those. I think I only fell and ate it twice. But we were able to meet with Juan and have a good lesson with him, as well as go visit some of our recent converts and have some lessons with them. It was a pretty good day teaching wise. Oh yeah. And the
tow truck came and picked the car up and took it down to Windsor to be
fixed. I still haven't heard anything on that. But I'm most likely going to lose my driving privileges. Which would really suck. Friday we were on exchanges with the Estes park elders. We had some really
good street co tacting that night and ran into some people who were probably both drunk and high. And we were offered to smoke week and drink beer with them about 3 different times. And I was asked how many
wives I'm allowed to have. So that happened as well. But it was more funny than anything else. We talked to quite a few people that night and had s good time. Then a little bit later, we had our ward Christmas party which was awesome. We had Juan there and a lot of the less actives we're working with as well as quite a few non members that people had brought. So we could have lots of missionary
opportunities coming. To add to the week as well, as we pulled in to the parking lot and were about to get out, I told everyone to be
careful because it was super icy. And the. Low and behold, as I step out of the car I slip and fall and land straight down on my back. Good times. Saturday, we got up and helped bishop make breakfast for a service project for the priests in the ward. So we made breakfast burritos and French toast and that was awesome. Then we are with them
and went to help the service. The Estes elders were still with us
since we were on exchanges. Luckily they had a car. We went to stack some wood for some members in our ward. It was awesome especially since we were able to talk to some people we were hoping to get in
contact with and had been trying to for s long time. However, once
again bad things happened. As we were driving down the road, we were flagged down and told that our tire was completely flat. And of course I was the one driving... so I fixed that on the side of the road in downtown Lyons in front of our bishop and young men's leader and all
the priests. And so we parked that and drove with the leaders to our next stop. After all was said and done we got it to firestone and we're able to get back to our house and weekly plan finally. We got the car back and that night with the tire fixed and everything and were able to get out and do a little bit of work. Sunday was pretty good. We had church which is always great, and after church we went with one of the members of our ward, to help him and his wife set up
their Christmas decorations around their house. It was so much fun! It felt good to decorate for Christmas haha. He also had a meeting down in Longmont so he was able to take us back down. We had dinner and met
with our ward mission leader about our upcoming week and how we're going to work things out. I think we've got s pretty good plan but we will see. This week should be pretty interesting. I was invited to go
down to a leadership training meeting with some other missionaries from the mission and it sounds like there will be a general authority there and all kinds of stuff. It should be a good time! Anyway, now that I've complained for the whole email, I probably sound really annoying and childish so I apologize. Other than that, this week as a great week and went by fast and was pretty good. Missionary work is
starting to pick up and that is very good. Hopefully it continues. I can't tell you guys how amazing this experience has been so far. It is so cool to know that as a missionary you have the tools to completely change someone's life. It is easy to get discouraged but then you just have to think of all the good that's happened. I've grown so much in this gospel and I'm so grateful for that. I would really encourage you guys to read out of the Book of Mormon everyday. It is powerful. It will bring you comfort. I know that it is another testament of Jesus Christ and I know it and the gospel are true. Share that knowledge with everyone that you can. I love you all and am so grateful for your prayers, love, and support.
Have a good week!

Elder littlewood


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