December 5, 2016


Longmont, Colorado


Elder Oates


Let's see, this week absolutely flew by so I'll have to try hard to
remember Haha. Monday night we had a really good lesson with a less active lady and her kids who are trying to come back to church. We did that at the Hicken's house. He is in the bishopric. They are an awesome family! We had an ice cream cake afterwards as well so it was
great haha. Then Tuesday we had to do most of our shopping since we were stuck babysitting the district leader and his comp cuz they didn't have a car and so we couldn't go buy groceries cuz we didn't have anywhere to put them while we waited for the car so that was great. That night we met with Luise. She is a recent convert of almost a year. She's is just a super sweet old lady. Wednesday we had our service at the chandlers. And wow that was an adventure. We had to clean out his swan tank that had not been cleaned out in about 2 or 3
years. So we had pumps and shovels and were standing in about a foot of just straight muck. Oh and there was a power washer so crap was going everywhere. We were very dirty haha. It's gonna be pretty cold
this week when we're supposed to go so we will see if we make it out there or not. I really hope so. They're so fun to be around. That
night, we went up to town called Lyons for dinner with a less active man and his wife who isn't a member. We had a really good time together and helped
him set up his new tv and sound bar and move some things around so it was a really good time. Thursday we had district meeting and then we all went out to lunch together which was super fun. Our district is way fun. That afternoon we had a lesson with Juan. He is great and so
ready to move forward, but we cannot get him to church. It is just one thing after another. The latest thing is that a while back he signed his boy up for ski lessons. Well his ski lessons are Sunday's and he has to be there at 9. Which is when church starts. It is so unlucky. But hopefully we can make it work so that we can get him progressing.
And then Thursday night we didn't have any success trying to visit people. I swear the people we want to visit are never home. Friday we had weekly planning which is always a struggle. And after that we went to the Maschmeyers. They are an older couple from Germany. We went to help them decorate their Christmas tree which of course was the outside and the one day that it decided to snow in Lyons . So we decorated a Christmas tree outside in the freezing cold snow. But it was fun haha. Then we had dinner with them an that was a good time. He's long time friends with president uchtdorf which is awesome. After dinner, we went and had a lesson with a bunch of single sisters in the
ward. They were supposed to be different times that night but they
all decided to do it together so we taught about 4 single sisters from the ward haha. We had a recently returned missionary come out with us too so it was cool. Saturday we had a zone breakfast which was awesome. Our stake president put it on and the whole zone was there and we talked and had a good time together. After that we came back to the house and had a meeting with the housing coordinators and the bishop and his wife. So that was nice. Then we went up to Lyons to try and visit some people who were'nt home again... and so we came back down and had lunch and talked to a homeless guy and bought him and his buddy some lunch which was really cool. He was super grateful. Then we
went and saw the Brady's. They were so sweet! We got there right as they had just finished baking some bread. So of course we had to stay and have some homemade bread, with some homemade jam, and some
homemade canned peaches. Which reminded me of grandma and grandpas haha. But that was a really fun time. Then we went to a baptism for the sisters and went to dinner and then drove up to Lyons for a little parade thing they were having. We were hoping to do some streeet contacting and talked to a bunch of people but when we got there it was over. So we watched some fireworks and ended up going to get some hot chocolate. But we met some people in there and talked for quite a while to them so it was'nt a complete waste of a night haha. Sunday was
fun as well. Church was great, I always love fast Sunday and to hear people bear their testimonies and see how the lord is working in their lives. After church we went on a drive up the canyon to go see some of our members. I love their houses! They're like tucked up in the mountains just away from everybody haha. And then we came down and had dinner with the calls who are an awesomefamily and watched the Christmas devotional. Then helped a sister from our ward move some Christmas decorations and that finished up our night. It was a pretty good week. I hope all is well with you guys back home! I love you all very much! Have a great week!

Elder Littlewood


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