November 28, 2016


Longmont, Colorado


Elder Oates


Hey momma,
Everything is going pretty good. I think we're finally starting to get adjusted to the new area and hopefully we will be pretty busy this week!
Thanksgiving was definitely weird without being around family haha. Our week back here was pretty crazy.
Last Monday we did all of our shopping and went to some cool stores and looked around and kind of just relaxed all day. Tuesday we had trainers meeting up in Cheyenne and let me tell you how much of an adventure that was. We had to pick up some other missionaries on the
way there and got lost trying to get to their house so we were already late, and then we get there like right as elder Oates was supposed to be interviewed so we got that done, the meeting itself was actually really good. I really enjoyed it. And after we went and visited Mo'o and Wilkerson and some of the Cheyenne missionaries. Then we went out to lunch with a bunch of missionaries at chick fil et and had a good time there. And then it was time to head home but instead of listening to the gps, I thought I was smarter and went on what I thought was the right road. Well after a while of driving and nothing looking familiar, we stopped at a gas station and figured out that we were just about to the Nebraska border. Sooo we turned around went back to Cheyenne and actually got on the right road to get back to Colorado. Only to find that our gas light was on. So after we barely made it to the gas station to fill up, we were finally almost home. We got the other missionaries to their place and finally made it back home. At
like 7 at night. Ate super quick and went to our appointments. We went on splits with brother weaver and he is such a cool guy and super easy going and we had a good time with him. Wednesday we went to help an
older couple in the ward with their little farm. We cut down some trees, fixed a few fence posts, and just had a good time. Thursday was thanksgiving and actually a pretty laid back day. We had dinner with the felts and about 3 other families. It was crazy but a good time.
They showed us around their property and we hung out with everybody and had some pie and it was a good time. Just super weird. Not being around any family. For sure takes some getting used to. After we just
spent the day trying to visit people but it's hard on a holiday. When we came home, bishop and his family had just gotten home as well and we all played liars dice together. It was so fun and such a good time. Bishop and his family are just amazing! Friday we had district meeting
and went on exchanges so I was up in Estes park with elder Arnold who I served around up in Cheyenne. So that was a good time. We helped some church up in Estes and served people dinner as a service thing and it was really fun actually. Saturday, we finished our exchanges and had to do our weekly planning. Well that took forever and we still
didn't finish and ended up going to a baptism for one of the other
sets of missionaries. It was pretty cool to hear the man's testimony and experience and all that. Sunday we had ward council and all that good stuff. They put us to work actually Haha. We both said prayers and spoke in sacrament. Luckily we didn't have to teach gospel principles again this week. The rest of church was just normal. After, we went home and finished our weekly planning. If everything works out we will have a super busy week. So we will see. Then we went to dinner
and went and visited some of the recent converts in the ward and some of the older single sisters. It was a pretty good week and weekend but my stomach has just not been right these last few days. I swear I'm sick more than I'm actually healthy haha. But anyway, that's about it for my week. I hope everybody had a great thanksgiving and I love
you all!

Elder littlewood


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