November 21, 2016


Longmont, Colorado


Elder Oates


Well, I don't even know where to begin. This week has been crazy. Transfers were Tuesday and unbelievably stressful haha. I think my plans alone got changed two or three times. But it all worked out. I headed down to the mission office at about 11 and got down there at 12 so I could sit there for 5 hours. That was boring. But I got my new greenie around 5 o clock. His name is elder Oates. I kinda felt bad cuz I was sitting on the APs phone trying to figure out where exactly I was headed and where I would get the phone for my area and all that good stuff and I looked over and this missionary was just standing off to the side of me and so I finally saw him and then we had an awkward handshake while I was still on the phone and it was just a mess hahah. But we finally got everything figured out and got on the road towards Longmont. He is from Southern California, in a little town called north Edwards. He is 19(which is also weird cuz I'm supposed to be the senior companion) haha. But we got into Longmont a little before 6 I think. We met the bishops wife and her son and nephew. We got all of our bags inside and got our beds moved in and all that good stuff. The basement is amazing. It is just like an apartment. We have a pretty decent kitchen, bathroom, weight room, nice living area, and our bedroom is pretty nice as well. It is a neat place to live. The rest of the week has just been trying to visit some of the members in the ward, and the recent converts, and trying to throw in some tracting. Our area is so nice. We have a pretty decent chunk of Longmont, and then the rest of our area goes up into a little town called Lyons. It's right at the base of the mountain and a pretty neat little town. Our chapel is tiny. It literally has seven rows of pews. There's about 100-150 members that are active and come to church. Most of our teaching this week has been with the families we have dinner with or less actives or recent converts. We are trying to find new investigators to teach but tracting is so hard haha. We did have a good experience with it the other day though where a man let us in(I think he just felt bad cuz it was about 30°) and we talked for 10 or 15 minutes about the lds church and some of the questions he had and left him with a restoration pamphlet. He wouldn't take a Book of Mormon but that's alright. It's a start haha. The other cool experience we had was with a guy named Juan. He is one of the investigators we are teaching. The missionaries have met with him twice before and so we shared the third lesson with him and it was crazy how knowledgeable he was and how interested he was. We had some pretty strong spirit, and even asked him to be baptized! He is going out of vacation for a couple weeks here, but he said that once he gets back and can attend church and get a feel for things he wants to be baptized. It was such a cool experience! Anyway, that's about our week. I'm staying warm for the most part haha. Those boots are super nice and all the scarves and big coat is doing it's job haha.

Thank you all for all the love and support! I hope you have an amazing week and a great thanksgiving! I love you all!

Elder littlewood

*pictures are: Elder Oates, Juan and Elder Littlewood, Elder Littlewood's snow angel, Book of Mormon picture and Elder Oates and Elder Littlewood


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