October 18, 2016


Cheyenne, Wyoming


Elder Mo'o

Temple open house

We had a pretty good week. A lot better than before. We are actually going out and seeing
people. A lot of it is just rough because we are supposed to be doing so much less active work, that it's hard to find new investigators.
This definitely isn't a baptizing mission. Hah but that's alright.
Some of the better experiences have been with less actives anyway. Oh yeah! Erik Wagner invited us over for dinner last night, and we got to meet and sit down and talk with his wife as well the entire time! It was so good! She is just as awesome as him if not more! Hopefully that
helped and she will be more open to us and maybe we can start teaching her! Then we just have to work on the rest of the family haha. We're getting kind of busy. We go on splits every Tuesday and Thursday now. Tuesday with the elders and Thursday with the high priest so that's cool. I'm really starting to like the ward and I think they're starting to like us too. They are super nice. Our ward mission leader has finally communicated with us. We finally just went over to his house at night and talked to him. I feel bad now. I guess he's been super busy with work. He had two people quit on him, and so he had to pick up their slack. And on top of that he had to take 64 training courses in two weeks. And the worst part is that because of all that, he wasn't able to go down and see his kids for his birthday. And everything was taking a toll on him you could tell. But they are getting him some help and so hopefully things start to get s little bit better. We got I guess a new investigator for us. It was actually a referral from the bishop. But he's a super nice guy and you can tell he knows it's true. He just want pray about it and get that answer because he's not ready to give up certain things. But our last lesson
was a pretty emotional one. And he really opened up and he is so close. So hopefully that works out soon. We had the Fort Collins temple dedication and cultural celebration Saturday and Sunday. That was awesome! We watched the celebration at the stake center and then found out later that we could've gone down when they specifically said not
to go down. So that was frustrating. But it was still cool to watch. I've never seen one of those before. The actual dedication was super cool. We got the recommend things from our mission president so that
was cool. And they sent out hankerchiefs that had the Fort Collins temple 2016 like ironed on so that was cool! This week went by super fast until Friday for some reason. Then it slowed way down. But it's all good. Hope all is well back home! Can't wait for the kids letters!
Love and miss you guys so much!

Elder Littlewood

Oh I almost forgot! We went bowling for an elders quorum activity, and
it was so much fun! The guys are awesome! It was on base too so that
was cool. I don't remember if I told you or not. But F.E warren Air
Force base is like right next to our area. So that was cool! But
anyway I bowled a 247😏 the machine may not have been working exactly
right😉 but still. It was really easy to get strikes after about the
3rd frame. One of the other guys got a 300 though so there's that.


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