October 10, 2016


Cheyenne, Wyoming


Elder Mo'o

3rd Month!

Hey everyone!

Well I apologize, but this is going to be another boring weekly email. Unfortunately, elder mo'o was and is still feeling sick. But on top of that, one of the other elders in our district, is having some medical problems and so we have been going on a ton of exchanges with that companionship and haven't been able to do a ton of work. And then our ward mission leader is basically MIA. We have t heard from him in forever and when we ask him to help us out he seems to always be busy or just doesn't want to respond. But we still tried to work. We went and helped out a lot in western hills area and went to some dinners and lessons and helped them out. We did get a referral from the bishop and met with him. He was s super interesting guy and very nice but straight up told us that he doesn't want to pray about anything because he knows that if he finds out its true he can't turn back. And he can't commit to that haha. So we will see where that goes. We also met with ken again. He now has 8 cats so you can imagine how his house smells. But the lessons we share are still good. He has a room mate who usually doesn't listen to us but he came and sat down and listened to the whole thing so that was Aweome! Maybe we can start teaching him. We didn't get to meet with Erik this week cuz he was hunting, but he said he shot s monster antelope so I guess that's alright haha. And he still made it to church on Sunday which was awesome! He's doing so good! As usual, we met with good old sister Martin. We have dinner with her this week and she is super excited! That should be fun haha. Last time we met she was talking about that she makes jewelry. And keep in mind she is an 80 something year old lady haha. We are working with our ward and trying to get the members more involved and working to get splits with the elders quorum and the high priests. So hopefully that is successful. We are also trying to do a finding activity where we show a church movie and have members bring non member friends and have a cool little low key missionary finding thing so hopefully that works out. I just hope elder Mo'o feels better and we can work hard this week. I feel so unproductive but I understand. We didn't have any cool service this week but that's alright. Hopefully soon. I'm glad Powell was so fun! I'm so jealous of the fishing though. I miss that so bad haha. And yes I got a couple packages this week. I have more snacks than I can imagine hahah. It's pretty nice. Hope everything is going good for you guys! I love and miss you all!

Elder Littlewood


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