October 3, 2016


Cheyenne, Wyoming


Elder Mo'o

I love working on farms

Well this week was much better. Last week was just bad timing with
everything I guess but things are a lot better. Well we got transfer
info Saturday and nothing is changing haha. Me and Mo'o are staying
here for at least 6 more weeks. I'm excited about it. This week was fairly busy. We
had a ton of service! And I'm certain that this was the right mission
for me because I absolutely love helping out on people's farms and
being in that atmosphere and everything. I love it so much. It made me
think that I might want to do that when I'm older haha. But we will
see. We didn't teach any new people this week, just working on the
ones we have. But we have a new goal to baptize a family so we need to
work pretty hard and get things picking up. Let's see... The people we
are reaching are still doing good. Just I wish we had more people
that's all. We did blitz western hills area a couple times this week.
So basically we just got everyone from our district(which is only 3
sets of elders) and we all mixed up and went to different appointments
or went tracting or just did something in their area. And it was
pretty cool! Me and elder nibley, he's a zone leader, were mostly
tracting. We didn't have much success, but we finally just decided to
say a prayer that we could find at least somebody who would just
listen to what we had to say. Low and behold, the very next door we
knocked on, this guy answered who had a little family and was going
through some stuff and was really interested! So prayer is real
everybody haha. That was a cool experience. A lot of our work was in
western hills this week. But service wise we were super busy as well.
We did our usual help at the old west museum, and went and cleaned out
horse stalls on somebody's ranch again, we helped some members in our
ward put up some insulation. And take down some drywall, but my
absolute favorite thing we did this week was helping this old rancher
load up straw from one guy and take it back to his house and his
neighbors. It doesn't sound very entertaining, but I loved it haha. We
had to stack and load the straw onto a trailer, tie it down and all
that, then take it back to his place and stack it on his barn, and
then take the rest to his neighbors and stack it in their barn. The
neighbors are members. And they took us to lunch after so that was
awesome. That's what most of the pics will be Haha. General conference
was awesome!!! It's nice to just relax and listen and watch. Saturday
morning and afternoon we were at the stake center watching. Just six
missionaries and nobody else. Haha. Then we ended up having dinner and
watching priesthood at our bishops house. So that was fun as well.
Then we were able to watch Sunday both sessions with a member family
from western hills ward. They were super nice and fed us and
everything so that was awesome! Then we met with Erik last night. He's
still doing good. He's starting to ask us questions so maybe he's
getting s little more comfortable and will grow even more. But that's
about it. I hope everything is going good back home! I love and miss
you all!

Elder Littlewood


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