September 19, 2016


Cheyenne, Wyoming


Elder Mo'o

Another Week Gone

Hey guys!

Things have been busy this week. We had a ton of service! We're still trying to figure out what exactly were supposed to be doing as missionaries hahah. It seems like elder grow said one thing, and the presidency said another so that's a little confusing but I think we're getting it figured out. I think the main idea is that we are supposed to be reactivating and asking for referrals. Specifically families so that ultimately we can baptize families. It's kind of confusing but that's what we're gonna try. Especially this week. Like I said, we had a ton of service this week so we didn't have a ton of teaching appointments. But we still did alright. We met with our investigator Ben on Monday and he still asked lots of questions and some really deep ones actually. So that was pretty good. He's definitely reading in the Book of Mormon. Now we just need to get him on the whole prayer and church attendance thing which he has expressed he isn't very interested in. So that will be interesting. We also went on exchanges with the zone leaders from Wednesday to Thursday and that was fun! I got to help put up a shed, and we ended up giving two blessing that night which was really cool. We still had our weekly meeting with Jen and Martin and nothing has really changed there. And we met with brother Wagner again and he came to church for the second week in a row which was awesome! It's crazy how different he has been since we met with him that first night. He seems to be so much more happier and just doing better all around which is awesome to see. We also found out that our assistant ward mission leaders wife and brother wagoners wife play in the symphony together! So we've got all the resources to get them back to church. I hope we can! Sunday was good as usual and we had dinner at the Freeman's house. Bishop was out of town but his son was there. Their house is almost like a log cabin type thing on the inside and it's so cool! We had dinner and then got talking about how sister freeman has an antique shop and she showed us a lot of her stuff and that was cool too!

This week we did a ton of service. We helped a member clear up some wood from his back yard and then spent about 2 hours trying to grind down the stump that was left behind. It was super fun though. And then I don't know if I've mentioned anything about the old western museum or not, but we do service there all the time. Right now we are working on getting some of their displays ready and painting the display boxes for them. We also had a super cool experience there! We were there doing service, and they had some event going on that night and so they had somebody cater it. Well it just so happened that the caterer was the winner of the Cheyenne frontier days chuck wagon cook off. So basically we helped them unload their chuck wagon off the trailer and them helped them cook for the event. They did cheese potatoes, rolls, salad, and then they smoked steak and chicken which was awesome! They fed us after so it was well worth it. It reminded me of when I would help Paul smoke stuff for the work parties. This guy had two big huge smokers and everything tastes so good! And of course, the weather was crappy and cold and rainy but it was worth it haha. Anyway, that about sums up the week. I hope everything is good back home! Love you guys!

Elder Littlewood


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