September 12, 2016


Cheyenne, Wyoming


Elder Mo'o



Things are going good. This week went by pretty fast. The days seem
like they drag on but then the weeks fly by. We have had so many
meetings lately that we kind of don't have z ton of time to go out and
find and teach people which sucks but we are learning lots! We had
some pretty cool experiences this week! First off, we had elder grow
from the seventy come and talk to us. That was awesome! I guess he
went to a few different places in the mission so not everybody had to
drive to one spot. But it was super long. It was from 10-5 and we were
so tired after. But he talked to us quite a bit. It was more of like
an instruction thing I guess. He talked to us a lot about how we need
to become more of a baptizing mission and baptize families rather than
individuals. Which is a good point. We spent a while on going over
this new planning technique that basically plans and sets all of your
goals for you which is super confusing but I think once we figure it
out it will help us a lot.

The other day I had one of the coolest experiences yet. We were
reacting super late and we decided to go down this one street. (We
were pm exchanges so it was the two greenies together) And we walked
up to this door and a guy answered and we asked if we could share a
brief message about Jesus Christ. And he was like "yeah if you make it
quick". Right of the bat we could tell he would listen to whatever we
had to say and then tell us he wasn't interested. But we showed him
one of the videos we had and I was watching him the whole time. I
could see something change in him throughout the video, and when it
ended he kind of sat there for a little bit and then asked us if we
had some time to come in and talk. Well of course we did and as we did
he proceeded to tell us all about how he was struggling with some
stuff and really his whole life story and I guess he was a member s
long time ago but fell away hard. We talked for over an hour and it
was awesome! He's a super guy! We met with him Saturday and he came to
church on Sunday! He is definitely moving forward already which is
awesome! He has definitely been prepared for us! I can't wait to see
where he goes.

We really only met with one other guy who was also super interesting.
He asked so many questions and super deep too! He was definitely
studying the Book of Mormon pretty deep. It will be interesting to see
where he goes as well! But like I said, we didn't have a ton of luck
this week. Hopefully next is better. It sounds like things are going
good at home! Tell Sadie not to worry about the dance thing. It is
worth the wait. Don't just go to go. Go with somebody who you actually
like and want to go with.(like Andrea;)) Reagan and Jaxon seem to be
doing pretty good with their new sports too! That is awesome! It will
be good for them!
Real quick, I thought of some helpful things.
I have that black dressier jacket I got for Christmas I think, that I
would love to have as well as any other jackets you can find. Haha it
is super cold already and I'm going to want all that I can haha. Also,
I could use a few sweatshirts just to like lounge around in and all
that. My slippers would be greatly appreciated as well haha. And then
if ypu could send me a hydro flask water bottle that would be great.
The water bottles I have only keep stuff cold for like a couple hours.
But not like the super big ones. Just a medium size I guess. The last
thing is one of those laundry stick things that I can use for my shirt
collars. That would be nice as well!

Now, I can't even thank you guys enough for the pizza and all of the
groceries!!! It was so helpful and we literally haven't had to buy
anything since so it was super helpful! So thank you so so so much!!!
I hope everything is going well for you guys! I love you so much!!!

Elder Littlewood


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