September 5, 2016


Cheyenne, Wyoming


Elder Mo'o

Second week in the field

This week was definitely more work than last. We had lots of
appointments and lots of meetings and were running all over the place.
Well riding I guess since they haven't given us a car yet... But at
least I'm getting my exercise in haha. Things seem to be going pretty
smoothly. I've missed everybody tons but I haven't gotten like super
homesick yet so either I got lucky and missed it or it's gonna hit
pretty hard soon so I guess we will see.
So last Tuesday we had trainers meeting down in Laramie. Elder mo'o
served there before he came here so we went and visited some people
and went to lunch and everything before the meeting. Then we had the
meeting which was long but pretty good! President McMurray and the APs
all talked and gave some really good information and president
McMurray is an awesome guy! Did I mention that the first thing he said
when he saw us get off the plane was "Do you know mike Littlewood ?" I
guess his nephew or somebody is a big BYU fan so that was cool! Later
that day we had dinner at the Kim's house again. They love to feed the
missionaries. Haha then we met with sister mead. She's one of our real
investigators right now. We don't have a lot yet but we're working on
it. She seems pretty interested!
Wednesday we had more meetings so we were at the church for quite a
while. After that we went and visited some less actives and checked up
on them and a couple of the people we saw came to church Sunday so
that was cool! We had dinner with the Perez family which was a super
nice family as well! Then we had our weekly lesson with Martin which
is always good. He's what we call an eternigator haha.
Thursday we went on exchanges. That night we tracted in the trailer
park. I was a little iffy at first but we met some of the coolest most
humble people! We found about 5 potential investigators that night. It
was awesome! Then we got lost on our way to get the other elders and
just about drove out to Nebraska but luckily we caught it soon. Friday
was an okay day. I was missing home quite a bit. And we didn't talk to
very many people so that was a bummer. But we did get to meet sister
Martin and what an interesting old lady she is. She's about 80 years
old and has no filter whatsoever. It's pretty hilarious actually haha.
I won't give any details but let's just say she was very blunt and
said just about whatever came to her mind. We
met with ken but we just listened to him talk the whole time and
didn't get to teach a lesson.
Saturday was a pretty unproductive day unfortunately. We helped some
people move in the morning which was good! But then we went to work on
elder mo'os backup bike at kens. It was supposed to be about 20
minutes but ended up being about 2 hours. So when that finally was
done we were going to go knock doors but we found a bike on the side
of the road and elder mo'o insisted we take it back home and fix it
up. So we brought that back to the apartment which made 5 bikes total
in our tiny apartment. Then we finally got out and met some potential
investigators. And a recent convert. Both really good guys and super
friendly! Then that night we had the chance to go to a baptism in the
ward. It was pretty cool and got me excited to be doing that soon
Sunday's are usually pretty good days. I like them a lot. It's kind of a
more laid back day and relax but you still get to feel the spirit and
learn on classes and everything so I like it. After church we were
supposed to have an appointment but apparently their tv and food was
more important so they didn't come to the door which was kind of
annoying but whatever. None of the people we tried to meet Sunday were
available or wanted to listen to us. We met one guy and talked for a
little but he was stoned and drunk so I doubt he remembers us really.
That night we had dinner with just about the bishops whole family but
it was good! It reminded me of Sunday dinners where we eat them kinda
just sit around the table and talk. That's kind of what happened. Then
they sent us home with a ton of snacks and all sorts of stuff so that
was awesome!
And so far today we woke up and worked out thanks to Andee so that was
nice!:) then we did a bunch of cleaning and tried to do laundry but
none of them were open so that kinda sucked. And now I'm writing this
and now you're all caught up hopefully. We don't really have a whole
lot planned today. Just shopping and maybe go to a few stores in town
but that's about it. Hopefully I can email some of you more! I love
and miss you guys!!! Hope you're doing well!

Elder Littlewood


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