August 29, 2016


Cheyenne, Wyoming


Elder Mo'o

First week in the field

Well I'm surviving! Things are going pretty good. The first week is
kind of just a get everything taken care of week and get everything
situated and that's kinda what we did. The very first night we were at
Walmart getting food and groceries and since I didn't have any sheets
or anything I got those too. Then we were back at the store the next
day trying to get stuff to clean the apartment. You wouldn't believe
how messy it was... So we cleaned for about 2 hours a day for 3 days.
Speaking of the apartment, it is this old army barracks thing I guess.
But everything is super cramped and tiny. It's kinda cool though cuz
it reminds me of Manila a little bit. I'll send some pictures of it!My
favorite thing had to be my bike though. I'll try and send some pics.
It's a flat black and blue trek. It's pretty sweet! And somehow you
guys paid for it and I have no idea how but thank you so much!!! It's
so much better than what I had before! But now I've made it sound like
we haven't done any work, which isn't true haha. Since everything is
electronic, we were kinda screwed because our area book with all of
our potential investigators, investigators and less actives wouldn't
load, as well as our lds tools so we didn't have the list of any of
the people in our ward. So basically we just kinda guessed where our
area was and went tracting. We didn't have really any success. But
luckily the people were nice! We did that before we got our area book
and lds tools to finally work, and once that happened we did a little
more work. We went around and met some of the members and introduced
ourselves, we visited some less actives and just got to know our area
and the people on it. We are pretty good buddies with the western
hills ward, and so we do a lot of stuff with them. It has been pretty
good except for when elder mo'o and elder Arnold, who are the two
trainers, went on exchanges with each other and sent me and elder
Wilkerson, the two greenies to an appointment. It was in this gross
old motel with people smoking and drinking outside their doors, then
there was the actual appointment, which was in the lobby of the motel.
There were people all around and it was just a crappy place so it
sucked. But we read the Book of Mormon with this lady and then we got
the heck out of there. We had to park at the nice residence inn or
something a cross the street just to be safe haha. Sunday was good. It
was different though too. First off, the bishop asked us to speak like
the Wednesday before so there's that. It went pretty good though. Our
ward mission leader spoke with us. He is a awesome guy!! He takes us
to all these appointments and shows us around town and is just an
awesome guy. We've spent a lot of time with him. He's got a pretty
cool back story. But Sunday was good. We had ward council which was
something new, then we spoke in sacrament, then we went to gospel
principles where our ward mission leader is the teacher so that's
cool! Then it was priesthood and elders qorumn. That was an
interesting experience. I'm not sure how I stayed awake hahah. But
after that we pretty mush spent the whole day with our ward mission
leader. He showed us more of our area, we went and visited some people
and got to know them, had dinner and then went to visit some more
people. After we had visited lots of people, we went to our bishops
house. They are some really nice people as well! His wife brought us
out this apple crisp and ice cream that was amazing! And got our
dinner calendar so we could figure that out. But we just sat there and
talked for probably close to an hour. They are awesome! But overall
it's been a pretty good week. The people are super nice and friendly
and we have had dinner almost every night so that's good. I also heard
that we don't have like a specific time to email, it's kinda just
throughout the day whenever we have wifi. So if you want to chat, I
can probably get back to you sometime in the day. How's everything
going back home? I know school started up how's that going? And all
the sports sound fun! I miss you guys! It's funny to be around town
and see all these places dad has told me about and realize that he is
going through here all the time. Which might be good. I might need him
to pick up some stuff at some point in time from the front porch haha.
Umm I guess the only thing left would be winter stuff. I'm gonna need
that pretty soon. Idk what all you guys have, but if you could find a
nice pair of boots that would be good and one of our fur hats would be
nice too. I might have you send out my boots and belt and belt buckle
and all that too but I'll let you know a little bit later today haha.
Idk what else. Anything you guys can think of! Our address is
915 W 6Th St.
Cheyenne, WY 82007-1135
Let me know if I missed anything. I'm sure I'll email back sometime
today. I hope everything is going good! Hopefully I can go back and
forth with some of you today!
Elder Littlewood


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