August 24, 2016


First area


Elder Mo'o

I Made It!!!

Well this will be brief but they are giving us time to email home real
quick. I made it safely to the mission office. We didn't go to the
home because there were too many of us. So we had a little orientation
thing and they gave us our stuff and shipped us off. My first area is
in Cheyenne. It's a bike but we're trying to get a car. Since we don't
know how long I'm gonna be in this area or when we will get a car, I
don't think I'll buy a nice one right now. But if you guys could put
some money on my card in case we find like a cheap one to buy that
would be great. I also completely forgot about sheets and bedding so I
had to but some of that yesterday as well with some groceries. Today
was pretty cold in the morning and it's still a little chilly. So if
you could send me some good winter stuff that would be awesome too! I
think that's it.

Well, my trainers name is elder Mo'o. He is from Hawaii. He is super
nice and friendly. Our apartment is
pretty bad. It's like in the ghettos. It's super cramped and tiny and
gross but I guess that's part of the experience haha. I won't be able
to email until after 10:00 am on Mondays. But as long as I have wifi I
can read them whenever throughout the week just like mail. I get 2
hours but I can like split it up throughout the day and really just do
whatever. We haven't done a whole lot yet so there's not much to
tell. Hopefully I will have some experiences for you on Monday! Thank
you so much for the package! It was awesome! I love you guys!!!


Elder Littlewood


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