August 18, 2016




Second week

Well I guess this is the second week. This email will be a lot shorter because not much has changed. Lots of class everyday. But some different things were... We got new TRC investigators this week so that was good. The first guy, Kai is sooo awesome!!! He is so humble and kind and willing. He loves to talk to us and we love to talk to him! His biggest thing is prayer right now and it has been so cool to watch him grow! Our other investigator is Linda. She is a bit tougher. She doesn't have an opinion on anything and she doesn't ask questions so Its kind of hard to know what to teach. But she is super nice and kind so thats good. She is willing to do just about anything we ask too so that helps. We were supposed to have elder holland come speak to us tuesday, but he didn't. We got the General Young Women's president and she was still really good!!! She talked about how the lord has a plan and we need to be willing to let him guide and direct our path even though there will be hard things. It will just make us stronger. It was awesome! Niel L anderson spoke to us sunday and that was awesome!!! He talked about keeping the desire to serve and keeping that flame going. it was good too!! I'm just starting to get settled in and now I leave tuesday to start all over again. I don't know what to expect but im pretty nervous so I guess whatever happens happens.Ill try and send some pics but I love and miss you all!!!


Elder littlewood​

Parker's address after Tuesday:

Elder Littlewood
500 Hillspire Drive
Windsor, Co. 80550


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